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    Fall Guys is going free on June 21, launching on PlayStation™, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox™ and the Epic Games Store™!
    From June 21, we’re welcoming more players than ever before to the Blunderdome to compete for the Crown - Whether you’re on PlayStation™, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox™, the Epic Games Store™ or a mix of all of the above, Fall Guys is going Free for All -fully supporting cross-play, cross-platform parties and cross-progression with the use of your Epic Games Account.
    To register your interest and learn more, head to fallguys.com/news/fall-guys-is-going-free-on-june-21-launching-on-playstation-nintendo-switch-xbox-and-the-epic-games-store
    Watch the Fall Guys Free for All Announcement Stream. For more details visit www.fallguys.com/en-US/free-f...
    Pre-register NOW at www.epicgames.com/fallguys/en...

Voffko 2 +586
Voffko 2

Fall Guys having a special DIrect-like presentation is really something else, I can feel it...

Game Quickie +71
Game Quickie

I see why seasons take ages. Mediatonic was working hard. I'm excited!

Smiler- TL9 +264
Smiler- TL9

Fall guys,one of the best games I played and just came back this season. This is the most hype I've been in a while.

Tarabyte +180

Wow I was not expecting the ability to build our own levels. Really looking forward to that. Hopefully we'll be able to access levels made by other people like we can in Super Mario Maker!

DadOfTheYear.mp4 +93

Now THIS is how you bring people back! Especially people who've yet to try it!

Bill Cipher +14
Bill Cipher

I'm so happy for this announcement, I've never gave up hope on fall guys I used to say fall guys will be a popular game one day, congratulations on your success. 🎉

Jashy +164

WOWWWW that was a big announcement. I'm gonna have to hop on the hype train with you guys now

audisio junior +81
audisio junior

I’m really impressed with the PR team. Everyone is so cool and polite. Congrats for the great job. The two host are great and sympathetic.

Pach +156

Here comes the BIG announcement! This is what will make fall guys great again! Lesss gooooo

TheHylianDog +38

This is just... So beautiful. You know, seeing fall guys doing a livestream and watching it evolve since season 1 is just so cool. Fall guys deserves better, it's such a good game, so much emotions. This is just a Roller Coaster. Keep up with the good work fall guys.

EddyWriter +41

Been playing since launch week and this is the most hype I’ve been for the future of Fall Guys in a long while! Hope this marks the game’s revival and we can finally return to the simpler days when seasons were only a couple months long (with tons of additional content).


Haven't played the game for a long time, I hope this brings back my interest into the game. I love that you guys are also thinking about the f2p players in the game unlike other companies. Thank you.

LewanceBoi +270

big hype rnn, can't wait to see what they announce here

CareeseFangirlForever +8

That map editor was unexpected and will be a fantastic addition. I'm so excited and can't wait to grind the new season 😃

4 Gamers Gaming +126
4 Gamers Gaming

This might be huge for Fall Guys! Can’t wait to make content of it!

TrashJozie +5

This game will blow up on switch! I always loved fallguys definitely a feel good game!

Kaylum Ennis-Kelly +151
Kaylum Ennis-Kelly

Words can not describe how hyped I am

Simuzocker +11

That’s amazing Fall Guys! I’m so hyped for the new Season 1 and for all new features!

dhcanada +42

Okay I wasn’t expecting the build a course mode. That’s sick

GuiHuiZui +3

Those were some seriously amazing stuff coming up, SO HYPED! :D