Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Event: The End - Official Teaser Trailer

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    Watch the teaser for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale "The End" Event for a hint at what's to come. Fortnite Chapter 2 ends soon, and the Fortnite The End event is on December 4, 2021 at 1PM PT/ 4PM ET/ 9PM GMT.

    Following The Convergence, The Cube Queen is preparing her endgame for the Fortnite island. It's time to take on the destroyer in the upcoming one-time only, in-game Fortnite Chapter 2 Finale Event.

Ikcatcher +345

Geez, time sure flies huh, still remembered when Chapter 1 ended

Liam Duffy +181
Liam Duffy

This game used to be about zombies, an action movie story version of pillow forts, and an evil tornado. Think about that.

Phantom +645

Finally, we are gonna get the black hole for 2 days once again

Critical thought +45
Critical thought

Man, after the Batman zero point comics, I’m actually pretty exited for this..

the scarlet tree studios +653
the scarlet tree studios

At this point the lore is more intresting then the game

Hey ItsPorter +51
Hey ItsPorter

Wonder what changes are coming in chapter 3 it’s gotta be huge to keep the game going for a whole other chapter

Smenesh500 +23

This event is going to be amazing

5q1d +3

Here's my take on the overall chapter:

Jakub O +10
Jakub O

How fast an entire chapter passes...

Oliver Switt
Oliver Switt

Anyone else notice that at the end the text that says “The End” has some sort of mountain on it and what looks like a volcano! And if you played in chapter 1 you would know that a volcano was a big part of it, and we also could be getting a tropical island 😊

Romero +14

Wow, the trailer is great! Does anyone know the name of this music?

MattSm00th +12

I’m looking forward to this

Copper274 +15

Well now we know it's an end of chapter event

Bobby Watkins
Bobby Watkins

It would be really cool if the cube queen teams up with the storm king and they both fuse there power to destroy all realities.

Yoboyjunebizzy 29 +5
Yoboyjunebizzy 29


Thundertron 55 +1
Thundertron 55

Bit strange to me that C2 isn't a full 10 seasons like C1 but looking forward to the new map!

Trevor McGuffee +4
Trevor McGuffee

The end is at hand, but like the Phoenix, we shall arise from the ashes even stronger!

David Pavon +18
David Pavon


Alovon +32

Come on UE5 for Chapter 3, I want to see Nanite and Lumen in work on a proper game

Stancinatti +5