LISA - 'LALISA' Dance Tutorial | Mirrored + Slow Music

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    Kathleen CarmKathleen Carm
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Kathleen Carm +271
Kathleen Carm

Hey guys! I’m so in love with Lisa’s solo, and I can’t wait to learn the whole choreo🥰 I learned this part from the insta reels on Blackpink’s account, so I hope you guys will find it helpful🥰

the fork in tae's hair +400
the fork in tae's hair

I was trying to learn it but I really couldn't without your tutorial thank you ❤❤

Jeszay Ventura +134
Jeszay Ventura

Just Wow 😲 You memorized the dance already? Your a monster. thank you so much for this ❤️✨

Kryzel Mercadillo +11
Kryzel Mercadillo

So helpful. You're such a great dancer. Hard steps looks so easy on your tutorial that's why I got a chance to dance the whole chorus itself. Keep it up <3

yang reinhard +26
yang reinhard

expressed Lisa's character

nakajima akahana +94
nakajima akahana

kathleens clothes always suit her so well! they compliment her body amazingly :') she's so pretty :))

Alessandra Olivia +17
Alessandra Olivia

You have literally taught me so many dances! I literally love you 😭😇 you're an angel!! You make the dances look so easy and clean and you explain them do well like all I can say is thank you for your hard work and you're an amazing dancer 🧡🧡🧡!!!! I've been self teaching myself for a year and some change now and I've improved by watching your dance videos along the way as long as others but you're truly a blessing 😇😇😇 keep up the great work! Stay safe and healthy <3 love your channel!!

Kyouri Chim2x +48
Kyouri Chim2x

Wow! You're so fast with these tutorials! I just came here to say that 😆 Thank you for your hard work 🙇‍♀️

Nandini Gissella +2
Nandini Gissella

espero aprendermelo pero con esto se ve facil😉

Ariadna Acosta +8
Ariadna Acosta

Que rápida!! Sos una genia! 👏👏 Ya me la voy a practicar 💪 Gracias Kathleen ❤❤🙆🙆

Joselyn Quiroz +1
Joselyn Quiroz

Me encantan tus videos y como haces todas tus coreografias ❤🎶

Света Коваленко +1
Света Коваленко

Быстрее чем кто либо 👀🔥 и мне безумно нравится твоя причёска 💇‍♀️😍✨💖💘 hii from Ukraine 😊

k pop X anime +3
k pop X anime

Fun fact : Kathleen Carm is the one of the back dancer in the song of Lalisa 😊

Lluvia de kahos +7
Lluvia de kahos

Cómo es posible que lo tengas tan rápido?? Ahhh!! Me encanta !! ❤️

Levi Ackerman's wifeu
Levi Ackerman's wifeu

you are a life saver I literally learned ptt, perfect world, queendom ect. because of you keep up the great work ^^

zainab el-yakub
zainab el-yakub

Omg best tutorial ever easy to understand and easiest to take the moves😍🥰


thank you so much! I've only found your channel last month but i've already learned 6 choreos because of you!

l ♡
l ♡

this is so helpful thank you 💗 it cleared up everything!!

Pabilonia Krystalyza
Pabilonia Krystalyza

Thanks to your tutorial I learned this so easy and quick🦋

namoradinha dos jikooks +1
namoradinha dos jikooks

Thank you lady, I was dying to learn choreography, so I'm starting with the chorus, you helped me a lot ♥:)




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