The ENTIRE History of Fortnite Chapter 2

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    The History of Fortnite Chapter 2
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the mighty panda +100
the mighty panda

This gives me goosebumps. Can't believe I got to play thru all of this. The nostalgia is gonna be hard with this one!

Qase +122

I’m so happy we’re moving on, the only thing I’ll miss about this chapter is season 1 - 3 and a little of 4

tidepod kun +221
tidepod kun

The mythic bosses and what came with them were the best feature of chapter, one of the best features ever introduced in Fortnite.

ZeroVoidd +111

I remember that every start of season has always felt so magical. Thank you for making this amazing video. Can’t wait to see you all on the flip side...

Micah +285

im definitely gonna have nostalgia for this map because of all the memories i made on it in during the covid lockdown days, even though i didn't like it anywhere near as much as the chapter 1 one im gonna miss it still

Gaming Gamer +11
Gaming Gamer

Chapter 2 season 2 was lit, although I'm biased I mostly played chapter 2 during season 2 and it was awesome. A juicy lore event and at the end they finished it with a flood. Also the Shadow and ghost thing was cool.

Fortnite Master +19
Fortnite Master

One thing that I would really love too see make a return for chapter 3 are those storyline loading screens that explain what’s going on in each season I’ve always loved those since it keeps the story more interesting and intriguing and answers a lot of unsolved questions and mysteries when something random has happened I mean I don’t think anyone else will really care besides me but I would love too see that come back some how

Sam Loves Horror Movies +10
Sam Loves Horror Movies

Great video, but I can't believe that Maya being the first customizable battle pass character and the Fortnite Crew barely got a mention. Both were big things in Chapter 2.

6PATAH +30

I feel like for chapter 3 , they should add a weather feature. Like rain or thunder.

oni +2

Ch2 will forever have a place in my heart tbh. Memories of playing the new seasons during quarantine, not worrying abt school

u forgor
u forgor

I miss chapter 2 season 2 in particular. There was just something about it that I loved so much. I think it had to do with the fact I started getting serious around that time.

H. Jani
H. Jani

the only big issue we have with this chapter

Kevin Not The Cube +6
Kevin Not The Cube

That was a great watch! Thank you T5G!

Mama Llama
Mama Llama

Such an Awesome overview of Chapter 2! Great job!


Finally chapter 3 is near... that's what I'm waiting for! I Have Never Enjoyed Chapter 2 after 2 years of playing, I hope chapter 3 will be insane as chapter 1 like retexture chapter 1 map and putting chapter 1 hills into chapter 3

Dylan M +2
Dylan M

Keep doing daily videos! Really love watching them

Aathish's World +4
Aathish's World

Chapter 2 Season 2 and 4 were thr best seasons in Chapter 2. Really enjoyed playing those two seasons. The good days...

realisticallyrequiem_YT +2

We need a video about ideas on improving features please. Like adding Guns or ARMOR to cars as new mods

The Spooder Homie +18
The Spooder Homie

It's crazy how chapter 2 is coming to a end still remember when the chapter came out..👍


some cool things they could add in chap 3 is animated loading screens and also when your filling up a car with gas there’s an actual spot to put the pump in, their not big things but their cool