Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial Cold Open - SNL

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    Saturday Night LiveSaturday Night Live
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    Johnny Depp (Kyle Mooney) and his lawyer (Aidy Bryant) show evidence in the courtroom.
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Koofy +11

I can't believe the actual trial is funnier than the scripted SNL skit...

Dan Irizary +4
Dan Irizary

I wouldn't have thought they could make the Heard Depp trial boring, but they found a way.

LoudAswin +1

Once again, SNL made us realize how humorless it has become.

Jen Logan +1
Jen Logan

I didn’t think anyone could act worse than Amber Heard, this proved me wrong.

Hace 28 días
Krista Simpson +3
Krista Simpson

Did a team of writers really gather together and agree that this is good enough to air? 😅

NiaBaNiaMaNia +393

Wow. Congrats to Amber; she put on a better performance than the entire cast of SNL. Got more laughs out of me, too.

Hace 21 un día
Janet Claire +18
Janet Claire

I sense that they were so terrified to do the wrong thing with this sketch and be criticised, that they dropped the ball on making it funny.

Aria Joy +3
Aria Joy

This feels as well written and acted as a sophomore year highschool drama class project. You really could have done so much more.

Owen Brash +3
Owen Brash

Just when you thought SNL couldn't get any less funny they set a whole new low

Mythic Pie +294
Mythic Pie

I remember the days when SNL was funny and full of people with talent.

Hace 28 días
Terrible paulsey +1
Terrible paulsey

I'm not a writer, but I just think that this sketch could've been a lot better if they had implemented some comedy throughout it.

Maxwell Sandor +103
Maxwell Sandor

Watched this out of morbid curiosity. Only time I cracked a smile is picturing a bunch of 60 year old suits reading over the script and approving it

Hace 21 un día
Jess lyn +14
Jess lyn

This sketch had so much potential but the writers dropped the ball. SO much to work with

Ryan Mitchell +590
Ryan Mitchell

Imagine living in the clown world where watching 6 weeks of an entire court trial is more entertaining than an snl sketch about it.

Tasteful Memer +323
Tasteful Memer

Man they had so much opportunity to make a lot of jokes here. Ambers lawyers objecting to their own questions, “muffin-gate”, Finkle matter filled beds, johnnys slow speech, ambers face constantly changing emotions for no reason, and courtroom laughing at ambers lawyers to name just a few.

Caroline Geiger +7
Caroline Geiger

They decided to poke fun at Johnny because they didn’t want to poke fun at a person alleging abuse… but of course they poked fun at the REAL victim of abuse.

Hace 14 días
J L +551

Yeah this is pathetically sad. You can tell they were trying to do everything they could to not pile on Amber even though she’s obviously the funny component because of her ridiculous lies and antics.


To see SNL to have so much insight into what really happens with the cleaning crew is amazingly right on ! 😎👍

Hace 4 horas
pegah khodadi +3
pegah khodadi

I laughed a lot more watching the actual trial.

nieooj gotoy +507
nieooj gotoy

big props to whoever the audience warm up person is, they got this crowd laughing at this sketch


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