Harry Styles - As It Was (Behind The Scenes)

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    Harry StylesHarry Styles
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    Behind The Scenes Video for "As It Was" by Harry Styles.
    Harry's new album "Harry's House" out May 20th. Pre-save / Pre-add the album here: hstyles.co.uk
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Sarytha +11

This album is going to break records for sure

Hace 19 horas
Kedo +1

I don't know how to explain it but there's just such a positive aura around him it's just so comforting and reassuring i just love it

Hace 16 horas
Scenic Fights +1
Scenic Fights

This song is stuck in my head 24/7 and it makes my day better.

Hace 14 horas
Señoritas Top's +203
Señoritas Top's

I like it a lot, videos of this quality, they are great

Hace 14 horas
Xavier +2

Harry Styles never fails in entertaining us 😍❤️

Hace 16 horas
Xavier +733

The video was sooo good, the transitions, and the scenes were so artsy. The actors/dancers were on point, and the one with the idea for that emm gyrating plate? go around platform? genius, it made for really amazing images and interactions.

Hace 14 horas
nads +11

I’ve been a fan of his for about 8 years now. And quite literally. He’s still the 19 year old playful boy from one direction. He hasn’t changed and I find that so adorable. I lean towards zayn more but he never fails to make me smile. So beyond proud.

Hace 19 horas
Marina Albuquerque +220
Marina Albuquerque

i’m literally crying tears of joy for seeing him doing what he likes and being this happy and comfort about his essence

Hace 16 horas
hecker +671

He is just the best, I'm still trying to comprehend him dancing it's just so amazing, I'm still in the TPWK video

Hace 16 horas
AL3X PL4Y +231

finally we have the best of the month ❤💙

Hace 16 horas
Laura Cruz +3
Laura Cruz

Amo esta canción y ovbio a Harry ,es mágico el sentimiento y emoción que transmite 🥰🥰🙏!!!

Hace 4 horas
Janine Filipi +29
Janine Filipi

🎂🥂Today it is exactly 5 years since Harry released his debut album with the amazing song Sign of the Times. Harry has become a star that is born only once in a generation. His talent, charm and beautiful appearance are accompanied by radiating energy and innate charisma. Despite his immense fame, he managed to maintain humility, a kind attitude, and all this created a very murderous combination. A superstar was born! We love you Harry and wish you a lot of success in the years to come. 🌟🌹💓🌟

Hace 14 horas
Unique +106

He seems like such a great person to be around, he lights up a room just with his smile his energy, his goofiness. Being who you are seems to come so easily to him. Such a pure person, I'm just a huge fan and hope to see him one day..

Hace 16 horas
Pauleth Garcia +4
Pauleth Garcia

No puede ser 😭😭 de tan orgullosa que estoy de Harry el es arte puro

Hace 9 horas
Apollo!!! +14

he never fails to surprise me. Hes so good at his career, and hes never failed anyone. I love harry, and hes gotten so far, from the beginning of one direction to now. Harry, we all love you oh so much. You're for sure going to break records with this album, you have us all eager as shit. I love as it was, and im sure ill love every other song. Love u H<3

Hace 9 horas
Adrita Majumder +40
Adrita Majumder

He looks

Hace 16 horas
Surfer FN +12
Surfer FN

Harry Styles has never made a bad song

Hace 19 horas
Douglas Angulo +1
Douglas Angulo

Maravilloso. Excelente trabajo. Gran equipo. ✌🏻👏🏻

Hace 16 horas
Vanessa Hilario +35
Vanessa Hilario

A energia dos bastidores não é surpreendente. Apenas porque é o que se imagina vendo o Harry. Mas é tão legal ver 🥰

Hace 14 horas

I love the way he always breaks out in his dance, it's so Harry---fun, joyful, happy and the smile!!

Hace 4 horas