[MV] 문별 (Moon Byul) - LUNATIC

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    [MV] 문별 (Moon Byul) - LUNATIC
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Jiglyciouss +7


OHOO +68


Hace 14 días
ivette +343

we got Honey to 10M in 4 DAYS, THATS INCREDIBLE, but please don’t forget about byul, she worked hard as well and deserves her 10 mil too. TO GET EVERY MMM MEMBER’S RECENT SOLO TITLE TRACK TO 10M, WE’RE ONLY MISSING MOONBYUL, LEGGO💕

Moonatp ♡ +159
Moonatp ♡

Mucho "Moonbyul mi mujer" poco stream, por favor ay que apoyar mucho a moon ella se merece tanto :((

jolliklee +171

Her singing voice is better than most kpop vocalists lol

Karla Moncayo Yactayo +9
Karla Moncayo Yactayo

vamos, el apoyo debe ser por igual para todas las integrantes <3

Hace 21 un día
Ryan Bubu +6
Ryan Bubu

Honestly, I’ve never seen any artist like her before and now, she can handle all the styles, rap well, sing well, dance well, and her unique voice, she deserves more, pls use ur heart to feel it🥺

Mihail Gavrishchiv +64
Mihail Gavrishchiv

Eclipse era-was iconic, Lunatic era-was iconic, Moonbyul never disappoint.

María Luz Giolito +7
María Luz Giolito

se llego a los 10M!!!! ahora 11M nosotros podemos moos por byul

midnighttcircus +18

This song is insanely good I can't believe how underrated her music is fr

Hace 14 días
Raquel +45

Yey, Finally 10M!!!! Love u Moonbyul <3

Sen Cha +9
Sen Cha

Moonbyul is having a solo comeback this april, and I'm so excited for it! So byulddongies/mooomoos please start preparing you music show votes MOONBYUL DESERVES A MUSIC SHOW WIN!

yc +1

lunatic is a song that gets better and better after every listen..

Real Me Hope_ Lyon Tomoon_ +10
Real Me Hope_ Lyon Tomoon_

Es la canción que más me ha servido de apoyo, no necesito explicarlo, la misma canción lo dice, realmente todas las canciones de Moonbyul son joyas únicas, me gusta escuchar cada una siempre, su voz tiene tantos matices que siempre te sorprende con algo nuevo, es una estrella en la tierra 💓💫

Hace 14 días
Nurul'ain Mazlan +15
Nurul'ain Mazlan

Lunatic is definitely a song worthy to be the title track for 6equence. It's fun, and you can always vibing to it everytiime. But if you want to listen to more chill R&B vibe, you can always listen to Shutdown by Moonbyul.

Hace 14 días
Cleo Del +44
Cleo Del

Her songs, Her smile, Her voice, Her talents, just her. She deserves the world

Hace 14 días
Mayra Asencio +67
Mayra Asencio

Estoy entre Honey y Lunatic para que ambas lleguen a los 10M

Alejandra G +19
Alejandra G

Collect votes for Moonbyul Comeback in April!!!. 💪


Agree or not i dont care

Jacqueline Adriana Lozoya Silos +7
Jacqueline Adriana Lozoya Silos

Lunatic no te cansas de encantarme? Canción fantástica ❤️🔥🛐