Building a Lego-powered Submarine 3.0 - balloon and compressor

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    Depth control is done with an air-filled balloon and a Lego-compressor. Steering is done by turning the propeller direction with the help of linear magnetic coupling. Otherwise it's more of the same as before. Swimming pool and lake tests at the end. Enjoy!

    Displacement: 2.35 kg (5.2 lb)
    Test depth: 6 m (20 ft)
    Hull: glass jar (IKEA 365+ 1.7l), plastic lid
    Balloon: latex water balloon for kids
    Motors: 2x Lego PF L-motor (88003-1), 1x Lego PF Servo motor (88004-1)
    Compressor parts: Lego pneumetic pump small V2 (bb0875), Lego pneumatic switch (bb0874), Lego Gear 24 Tooth Clutch (60c01), Lego Hose Pneumatic 4mm (21825)
    Magnetic couplings: K&J Magnetics D34-N52 neodymium magnet, TapeCase 423-5 UHMW Tape
    Propeller: Lego Propeller 3 Blade with 24t Gear (2740c01)
    Radio control: 27 MHz controller dissembled from a toy submarine (Zantec Mini RC U Boot), L298 H-bridge to drive motors
    Power supply: 9V Lego battery box for the motors, 3.7V Li-Po for the radio
    Pressure sensors: Lego Manometer (64065), Jolly Logic Altimeter One

    Note: The depth control I use here is called RCABS or Recirculated compressed air ballast system.

    Previous subs:
    1.0 piston ballast for depth control
    2.0 propellers for depth control

Oc Airsoft +1
Oc Airsoft

This video is so complex but the way he goes about producing it makes it seem so simple. Love this keep it up my dude!

Kamel Labiad +1
Kamel Labiad

The fish visiting the sub was a cute moment 😆

Axco TheBruh +1
Axco TheBruh

The amount he trusts his submarine is more than I trust myself

Audioescenas +610

The level of confidence to put it in an actual river is staggering.

StarLevi +488

I love how the whole video is an experiment, that even the failures are documented. Interesting watch! Keep it up

Ethan Valley +150
Ethan Valley

You can add a ballast tank inside the submarine by replacing the balloon that pumps air in and out of the hull with a balloon inside the submarine that pumps water in and out of the balloon that's inside the submarine.

Jackotherstar +6

I love how the fish was checking out the sub and even when it started inflating the balloon it didn’t swim away. That’s one fearless fish.

pRahvi0 +561

The first thing I'd add would be an emergency surfacing system: A piece of (scrap) metal on the outside of the submarine bottom, held in place by a magnet or few inside the sub. There would be a motor (or better yet, a spring with a trigger) to retract the magnet from the proximity of the bottom to further inside, so that the piece of metal would drop off and the rest of the vehicle would surface even without the balloon.

I amcarbonandotherbits. +511
I amcarbonandotherbits.

I'll bet all the old tech and mech engineers watching this are saying: Well in my day you had to engineer all the parts yourself, these lads today have it so much easier.

pastaconnoisseur +133


markycupko +662


David Hilgendorf +18
David Hilgendorf


TheJumiFilm +4

The stuff you build keeps getting crazier and crazier! Keep it up :D

KD0SKH +150

Awwww the fish visited! I love it, this is amazing.

erikmeer +22

Great to see your creativity at play!

a cat +26
a cat

I like how the captain is risking his life,and is still smiling

Kushal Rathod +394
Kushal Rathod

He has mindblowing confidence with that thin balloon while sinking it in the river🙂

erd gas +9
erd gas

Great work! But some additional thoughts on it. Putting the balloon to the front would allow for additional dynamic bouyancy. Also, the inflatable balloon ist prone to self enhancing behaviour regarding bouyance. Using a syringe with piston driven by linear actuator for variable volume can reduce this by far. Wenn additionally using an external rigid air reservoir (like lego pneumatic pressure tank), even the need for sealing the pneumatic hose port can be omitted. Therefore using another magnetic rotary coupling for piston adjustment.

DuyThuc Hoang +3
DuyThuc Hoang

I swear, this guy can build a warship and nuclear submarine from lego in the future

David H +54
David H

Kinda want to see one with an auto-trim feature for depth now.


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