Talking & Golf With Your Friends w/ Ironmouse [2021-08-24]

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    "IM BACK. (Ft. Mouse)" was originally streamed on [2021-08-24].

    0:00 Intro - New Place!
    8:30 Ironmouse Appears
    11:42 What Have You Been Up To?
    13:42 Bots & Games
    16:39 Carpal Tunnel, Flossing, Fashion Design & Merch
    23:40 Anniversary Stretch Goals Reached
    32:20 First Male VShojo Member Application
    40:10 Fake It Till You Make It
    54:09 Missing Each Other?
    57:40 Apex Legends & iiTzTimmy's 54-Hour Stream
    1:01:06 Things To Keep You Awake
    1:04:47 Mouse's Medicine
    1:08:41 Connor's Food & Eating Pokémon
    1:19:50 "My Roommate is a Gremlin" Webtoon
    1:22:06 New Room & JoJo Posters
    1:24:28 Connor Doesn't Like Reading
    1:28:13 Babysitting Chat
    1:33:23 VRChat, Roblox, & Golf
    1:41:31 Starting Up Golf With Friends
    1:46:11 Game 1
    2:11:14 Game 1 Done
    2:13:01 Game 2
    2:35:15 Game 2 Done
    2:37:57 Game 3
    2:56:29 Outro


    Twitch VOD:

    Ironmouse's Twitch:

Tashinator Gaming +386
Tashinator Gaming

Can we take a moment to appreciate junxeno taking the time to not only watch the stream but maticulously timestamp every subject they talk about?! Truly a madlad and someone who cares about his videos. Well played.

itsrain +216

I just realized how much I need this dynamic

Nutshot_Brawler +83


Snarkknight5 +146

Connor as a babysitter: "Here, have some cigarettes. Also, Santa isn't real."

Dragoon 321 +102
Dragoon 321

He's actually right about the job application. If you don't play yourself up you're just shooting yourself in the foot.

Kellen _ +62
Kellen _

Finally it's here! Been waiting for this, thank you for posting for us "busy people".

kuro kun +189
kuro kun

i just realised whenever connor goes on a tangent it sounds like a trash taste episode lmao, if only ironmouse can go to japan i wanna see the chaos ensues on the podcast

Muffin Chip +29
Muffin Chip

Connor: about to be the first male member of an all girls vtuber group

Ric Mo +169
Ric Mo

Mouse: "I keep forgetting we're on stream."

Region Nerd Alert +38
Region Nerd Alert

Connor a straight G "gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead"

Burezu +34

Connor really took "we do a little bit of trolling" to heart in the third match

UnendingQuandry +29

Watching this live was something else. Connor's bullying was on point for this one. If this is how savage he is after 2 weeks away just imagine what he'll do after his vacation. 😶

Koizumi Hideki +19
Koizumi Hideki

Thank you for always posting this! I really appreciate it since I can't watch their streams on time

Henry , +45
Henry ,

Connor actually spittin facts about the job search process.

Leonard Taylor +8
Leonard Taylor

Connor and mouse have done the impossible. They made me watch golf without falling asleep.

Tony +8

I can't believe Connor said Santa doesn't exist. I'm literally shaking and crying right now

Veni Venom +5
Veni Venom

It's so hard to tell, if this last game was bullying or advanced flirting. xD

Bubur Basi +4
Bubur Basi

Ahhh the game of going through a job interview.

Offline T-Rex +10
Offline T-Rex

Mouse: you were excited to stream with me today!!

Roycè. +2

Thank you for this!


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