HIGHLIGHTS | Man City 3-2 Aston Villa | CHAMPIONS AGAIN! | Gundogan two goals & Rodri!

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    Man CityMan City
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    City staged another incredible final day fightback, scoring three goals in five second half minutes to dramatically beat Aston Villa 3-2 and so retain the Premier League title at a spellbound Etihad.
    Having gone 2-0 down midway through the second half Pep Guardiola’s side looked to be in danger of losing the crown to Liverpool, who beat Wolves 3-1
    However, in amazing scenes reminiscent of our first Premier League triumph 10 years ago, with the same uncanny scoreline, we staged the most unbelievable of comebacks to seize the crown, as a brace from substitute Ilkay Gundogan and a Rodrigo strike lifted the lid off the Etihad.
    It was a fightback full of grit and character and one worthy of any title-winning side.
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Xavier +3

What a frantic and crazy ending to the season, Completely had me at the edge of my seat 🙌

Mum Blic +842
Mum Blic

The assist from De Bruyne was magical

Toni Nenkov +471
Toni Nenkov

What a season that was. As a Liverpool fan, nothing but respect. I can't even be mad that we didn't win the title, because the race for it was just incredible to watch. More so, as a football fan, it's amazing to watch when it's so close, as otherwise it's not fun when one team completely dominates. Hopefully next season we will see the same great race for the title. Congratz.

abdul modibbo +131
abdul modibbo

Rodri doesn't score many goals but anytime he scores its a banger. What a beast

Dokterpedia.net +164

A moment i will never forget thanks to gundogan 💙

Alan Williams +149
Alan Williams

In 2012 the commentator said "I swear you'll never see anything like this ever again". He was wrong!!!! Yesterday City put us through the wringer again against Villa. At 2-0 down with 15mins to play, despite the heroics of 2012, I honestly started to doubt. I thought we were down and out. And then 5 minutes of brilliance and hey - the trophy is ours again!!!!! God - what another wonderful, dramatic, exciting, explosive end to a title winning season AGAIN!!!! CTID

Maswendix +2

What a dramatic comeback!! SERGIO GUNDOOOOO!!!!

Trent +319

Seeing them win again was heartwarming. I didn’t want them to go trophyless this season

Мистер Огонёчек +784
Мистер Огонёчек

You guys deserve it!! Much love from the Netherlands where we watched this at the tip of our seats.

Sushant Chipte +13
Sushant Chipte

I am still stunned about what happened at Etihad yesterday, Manchester City are truly one of the greatest PL team ever.

Agemz +211

What a game! Coutinho deserves in big club. He's showing his still big game player

MrTunzz +24

When Rodri equalized I knew we would score the winning goal💙

Joe Mama +2
Joe Mama

The scenes from the stadium was insane, I haven’t felt like this since 2012 when City won the prem in a 3-2 game against QPR.

Pinak Pani Saikia +24
Pinak Pani Saikia

What a game we have witnessed...from down to 2 nil to winning the title.. Congratulations Man City 💪

Simon Asiimwe +21
Simon Asiimwe

What a comeback, what a team❤️❤️

Natty +12

City loves dramatic wins, almost gave me a heartattack. perfect ending to a great season

Brett Riverboat +15
Brett Riverboat

As soon as you made it 1-2 me and every other Villa fan could see what was going to happen, great come back and congratulations

Sion hentai enjoyer +1
Sion hentai enjoyer

That goal from Coutinho was insane. That assist from KDB was also out of this world. A banger ending for a banger season. Congrats to City! From a Chelsea fan.

Mr. G +5
Mr. G

Simply stuff of legends, another legendary come back i call it the Augero Moment just breathtaking. That first assist abd goal breath life back into the City just amazing Congrats guys.

Mikasa Ackerman +10
Mikasa Ackerman

As Liverpool fan want to say to you congrats you really deserve it, it's too much hard for us to lose the title in only one point, this happen again as it happened in 2019 tbh until this moment I can't stop crying but we will back again next season and will win it btw we make the league better congrats again


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