Harry Styles Makes 'Daylight' Music Video for $300 w/ James Corden

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    The Late Late Show with James CordenThe Late Late Show with James Corden
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    James Corden and Harry Styles hit the streets of Brooklyn with $300 to canvas apartments in search of a location to shoot a music video for "Daylight" from his new album "Harry's House" in just three hours. Listen now: hstyles.lnk.to/harryshouse
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Señoritas Top's +4
Señoritas Top's

I love how much fun this whole thing was, you can really feel it in the result, it's totally amazing

Kelli King +5
Kelli King

I feel like this could be a real Harry Styles music video and none of us would question anything

Hace 21 un día
Brett +1

they should definitely make this a new reoccurring segment on his show with different artists every time

Hace 21 un día
Guss Tao +5
Guss Tao

the fact that this wasn't officially released on Harry's channel??????? like! that is something he could've obviously done, it fits VERY well with the song and the era aesthetic. WE NEED THIS TO BE RELEASED NOW!!!!!!

Hace 21 un día
nina +1

at first i was like "oh this is gonna be funny" but in the end it was SO GOOD! i mean, u guys really did a great job, i loved ittt

Hace 21 un día
Syl Cervantes +668
Syl Cervantes

Fun fact:

Hace 14 días
Julie Krol +5
Julie Krol

Not because of Harry, but this concept in general has got to be the best late night segment I’ve seen…it was cool seeing it all put together in the end 😂

Demilee Delaney +193
Demilee Delaney

Fun fact : The girls who are in the video did an interview and they said that behind the scenes, Harry was such a gentleman . He kept on asking them if they were okay ❤️ he’s soooooo kind

Hace 19 horas
Francis +823

The shots with him standing in the middle with all the peeps around him have so much potential! Came out sick!

Hace 21 un día
Mandy +377

This brought me absolute joy, from James' hilarious jokes and ability to just turn anything into a funny moment to Harry's energy filled with nothing but love and beautiful artistry... Idk just something about them together makes me happy. This was a great idea!

Hace 21 un día
Sparkflight W. +124
Sparkflight W.

That girl who had all the Harry and 1D merch must have had a heart attack, seeing her fav singer, potentially idol and crush, standing in front of her front door

Hace 14 días
Rachel Schloff +187
Rachel Schloff

The fact that this could be the actual music video and I would think it’s amazing bc it actually turned out soooo good!!

Hace un día
Lizeth Fernández +4
Lizeth Fernández

The fact that they were actually fans of Harry makes it 1000x better somehow! The fact that James and Harry are actual friends and it seems like he's very comfortable and having fun just enjoying himself 😭😭💗

weibo coiu +158
weibo coiu

But wait… it’s actually sooo good!!! James has some real talent in directing music videos! He needs to make this a new regular segment for other artists!!

Hace 21 un día
Soumithra Anand +312
Soumithra Anand

The fact that thier house was so clean and harry visiting them are both shocking ...damn I'm jealous 😫

Hace 21 un día
ruth noemi +146
ruth noemi

James and Harry are prob my fav duo LOL and like everyone else is saying this music video really looks like something normal Harry would actually do I love it LOL these girls are so lucky btw & they were the perfect choice for the music video 😭😭

Hace 14 días
Gareth Wheatley +69
Gareth Wheatley

Genuinely laughed at this. Was good to watch people having fun. Was impressed how well it came out

Hace 14 días
lex +181

i really hope harry uses this as the official music video for daylight. either way, it’s our official music video, whether he posts a different one or not.

Hace 21 un día
Lina Maria Chavarro Suarez +15
Lina Maria Chavarro Suarez

Harry and James are like that extroverted-introverted kinda friendship where the extroverted comes up with the craziest ideas and the introverted just follows along and hopes for the better. Loving that anytime they come together, amazing things happens.

oOGeekITOo +321

Absolutely love the chemistry (in terms of male friendship) between Harry and James. Despite being ridiculous, all instructions James had were immediately done by Harry :D

Hace 21 un día


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