TWICE MOMO, CHAEYOUNG, TZUYU X Kiel Tutin “bloodline (Ariana Grande)” Dance Video

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    TWICE MOMO, CHAEYOUNG, TZUYU X Kiel Tutin “bloodline (Ariana Grande)” Dance Video
    CHOREOGRAPHY BY : Kiel Tutin
    TWICE "The Feels (Benny Benassi Remix)"
    Listen "The Feels (Benny Benassi Remix)" HERE✨
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antonio vin +3
antonio vin

Never expected this collab with one of their most popular choreographers, he's amazing just like the girls

Hace 16 horas
Sweetie Sarkar +2
Sweetie Sarkar

Reason why Momo is the main dancer. Just look at her looks, steps, expressions. There is another type of charisma in her moves

Hace 9 horas
藍色海岸 +98


Hace 7 horas
Miriam Antaurco +88
Miriam Antaurco

definitivamente Momo es la mejor bailarina incomparable, las tecnicas wuao que mujer preciosa

Hace 4 horas
Koozc +167

Proud of Tzuyu, lots of people talking bout her

Hace 9 horas
Ira Wituduh +36
Ira Wituduh

Tzuyu on fire

Hace 2 horas
STEVEN Once +3


Hace 16 horas
Ernamarie Evangelista +185
Ernamarie Evangelista

Tzuyu is the Visual 🥰 and she can be the main dancer beacause of her skill and talent✨

Hace 7 horas
Amazoon H +203
Amazoon H

Tzuyu you really amazing Queen and always you are

Hace 9 horas
Falbian.V.T +121

Wow they improved a lot especially Tzuyu. Kiels' choreography always brings out the best in them.

Hace 7 horas
Kusum maharjan +130
Kusum maharjan

Tzuyu really an incredible dancer.

Hace 9 horas
twicechu +6

WOAH BUT LIKE.. i didnt expect tzuyu.. she’s so omg.. im speechless

Hace 16 horas
Rich Anisha +103
Rich Anisha

Chaeyoung literally slayed. I mean she improved her dance so fvcking much.....

Hace 9 horas
マティアス +331

Tzuyu is an amazing dancer, she's so talented. Why is JYP hiding her talent from us 😭😭😭

Hace 7 horas

Tzuyu and chaeyoung dance is getting better

Hace 7 horas
Key perez +45
Key perez

No puedo dejar de ver este video, es increíblemente buena bailando tzuyu❤️❤️

Hace 7 horas
Raquel Araujo +54
Raquel Araujo

Momo's moves are so confident, sexy and perfect! She deserve to be a main dancer

Hace 7 horas
Kedo +2

Tzuyu dançando com a altura dela sem forçar os joelho, ou se abaixar, é a minha religião<3

Hace 14 horas

I can't take my eyes on chaeyoung, her moves is so smooth

Hace 9 horas
ff s +173
ff s

I'm so proud of Tzuyu's performance, her visual and dance can only be described as perfect.

Hace 7 horas