Queen Live Aid 1985 - Bohemian Rhapsody - Radio Ga Ga

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    London 13.07.1985 (Wembley Stadium) .Taken from DVD ''"Queen Rock Montreal&Live Aid"

Manuels Jakovenko +5
Manuels Jakovenko

Это высота которой нету равных, это величайшая легенда всех времён, он самородок этого поколения, таких нету и не будет больше никогда! Фредди лучший на все времена! Он просто бессмертный для миллионов людей. И плевать какой он был ориентации, вообще плевать, он легенда на все времена!!!!

venturous1v +981

There will never be another front man like Freddie Mercury.

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Ever Niety +9
Ever Niety

Как он управлял таким количеством людей??? Прекрасный певец!!!!😀И это совсем не интересно как он умер! Он был лидером, это уж точно!!!

cheryl fernandes +118
cheryl fernandes

This 20min at Live Aid changed music history. Freddie is still making music history, some twenty something years later. When a crowd of every age group starts, singing every word to Bohemian Rhapsody is just epic. Type in Greenday Concert the video is there. Thank you Freddie/Queen for sharing your amazing talents with the world. I am blessed to have been alive when you were making this incredible music.

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Jake Woolmer +304
Jake Woolmer


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Jozef Nagels +510
Jozef Nagels

Masters in music! No special effects needed.. their instruments and their voices made Queen ever so great. And how sad that nobody steps up providing similar quality performances. Jo

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Marcelo +11

Fico imaginando as pessoas Que estiveram no Live aid na hora que o Queen entrou no palco essas pessoas sim tem histórias para contar.

Sophia Aguiar +66
Sophia Aguiar

Freddie Mercury é simplesmente o maior e o melhor cantor da história! 😍😍😍

Priscila Agosto +1
Priscila Agosto

Eres inmortal Freddy!!!❤❤💟

Stanley Jacob +136
Stanley Jacob

Amazing vocals, the fact that he is still so revered speaks how well him and queens music has stood the test of time !!

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Sailesh R +54
Sailesh R

I still get goose bumps everytime I watch their Live aid performance! No artist of today can match Freddie!!!

Edson Davi +26
Edson Davi

O que esse homem canta é surreal! Quem estava no dia deve encher o peito e falar! Eu tava, eu vi! Sem dúvidas essa é a maior apresentação de rock da história!!

МаксоДром ТВ +58
МаксоДром ТВ

Как хорошо. Ни у кого не было телефонов, никто не снимал видео. Все просто кайфовали от концерта.

Stiven Diaz +46
Stiven Diaz

Más que una estrella... es leyenda!

Hace 2 años

Freedy Mercúry, monstro eterno, da melhor qualidade na música. Viverá para sempre em nossas lembranças.

Dutton186 +218

He truly had a good voice. Was able to sing good in concert. Unlike these ones we have now that sound so good in recording, but aweful on stage.

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Márcia Haydê +26
Márcia Haydê

Melhor banda de todos os tempos!!

Genilson Lopes +2
Genilson Lopes

A potência q ele tinha na voz era coisa de outro mundo.

Glaine Arcoverde +35
Glaine Arcoverde

Assisti esse show ao vivo na TV, e escutando agora senti o mesmo arrepio, Queen para sempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome Lange +185
Jerome Lange

The greatest voice that EVER Lived and absolute best frontman in history ! There is, was and always will be only ONE FREDDIE MERCURY !

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