Samuel Clarkson (USA) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

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    That's why MMA!That's why MMA!

    Professional american light heavy boxer Samuel Clarkson against russian top ranked athlete and WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol. Fight for WBA Interim light heavy belt took place in MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, USA on April 14, 2017. Spectacular boxing match with knockout in HD, Highlights.
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    Samuel Clarkson (USA) vs Dmitry Bivol (Russia) | KNOCKOUT, BOXING Fight, HD

Lucas +153

From the very start Bivol is the pressure..even when he's not throwing any punches..he's such an interesting intelligent fighter

Владимир Терпугов +68
Владимир Терпугов

Дима, с победой, дальнейших успехов тебе на ринге и личной жизни.

Саак Яврумян +24
Саак Яврумян

Дай бог здоровья тебе, ты самый умный и ситный боксёр и самое главное человек чести, да сохрани бог тебе и твоих родных👍✊

Neivaldo Duarte +62
Neivaldo Duarte

Muito difícil ganhar do Bivol... vai reinar absoluto por muito tempo. O cara está demolindo os adversários que aparecem. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

LOYal keyboardcoolkid-co-leader +112
LOYal keyboardcoolkid-co-leader

Speed, power, and great footwork. Bivol looks like the bigger version of Manny Pacquiao.

Couber Lmde +70
Couber Lmde

Un très beau combat, très bien arbitré! Ce qui est remarquable, c'est l'attitude sobre du russe même quand il domine tous les rounds. C'est dommage que la campagne occidentale veut empêcher les Russes de concourir aux sports mondiaux de haut niveau, tellement que ces derniers sont souvent meilleurs dans bien de domaines sportifs.

Александр Самылкин +46
Александр Самылкин

Дммтрий красавчик!!! Вот это бокс, супер!!!💪👍👍👍✋✋✋✋

The Galaxy Lab +18
The Galaxy Lab

This and the Joe Smith show you that Bivol was going light on Canelo. Bivol held back to deprive Canelo of counter opportunities. Super smart fighter.

Виктор Гуменюк +13
Виктор Гуменюк

Дмитрий, браво! Так держать еще долгие годы!

Pound for Pound Boxing +46
Pound for Pound Boxing

Bivol was so underrated before the Canelo Fight... Knew he was the Real Deal like back since 2017

My name Ares +26
My name Ares

Now y’all know why Canelo won’t fight this man at 168 , obviously massive respect to Canelo you’re dum asf if you don’t have respect for that man


before the fight with Canelo, Bivol was not known, now he is very interesting!

дмитрий чернов +20
дмитрий чернов

Дмитрий Бивол Чемпион ✊✊💯🌟🌟🌟

Александр Рябов +24
Александр Рябов

Bivol tried to perform spectacularly in the USA. In fact, he usually acts differently in the ring. The task was to light up, but everything was in vain, the American boxing managers were not interested in him, and since no one promoted him, the American boxing "experts" thought that he was an ordinary boxer, whom Alvarez would easily defeat.

China Boss +23
China Boss

Bivol's opponent seemed soft at first but this guy took alot of punishment, dam. He looked to his corner as if to say sh.t just got real.

Jed Clampett +137
Jed Clampett

Clarkson had no idea who he was stepping in the ring with.

Christian Justice +62
Christian Justice

Wow you can tell the difference between his pace here vs canelo. With canelo he was a lot more guarded and patient . With this fight he’s not as guarded and he’s more aggressive

John Lal +26
John Lal

Clarkson looked at his corner and said get me out of here🤣🤣

Владимир Петрученя +7
Владимир Петрученя

Тебе тоже спасибо за победу

Matej Sakoman; psihologija - stručno i spontano +8
Matej Sakoman; psihologija - stručno i spontano

👉Wow, what a fighter - near the end he loosened up and for a moment reminded me on Roy Jones Jr.☄️





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