The Fortnite 1V1 Mode With Nick Eh 30!

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    Today I FINALLY 1v1'd Nick Eh 30 once and for all to see which of us is REALLY the better player. We also had a bet where whoever had the least elims had to tweet a funny meme on their account!

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    Hey everyone it鈥檚 SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid but this isnt really one because its a look at everything I do in a week! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you guys like the video where I played Fortnite but I go undercover in Nick Eh 30s Game! Today Epic accidentally released the machine pistol in the unvaulted LTM! Hope you enjoy!

SypherPK +1

like my new hair?

Tenzi +658

The two best and positive creators together 馃槄

xyro +53

Nick is so positive. They are in a 1v1 and he still says 鈥淵ou Got this鈥

Lenny's Not Faking +100
Lenny's Not Faking

This video was pure entertainment I loved the fact that it was like duos with the encouragement of 鈥測ou got this!鈥 but without teaming it was perfect

Myles Nelson +25
Myles Nelson

I love how their always so confident they鈥檙e going to both make it to the end

kresh +5

Sypher and Nick are my faves and them making content together always turns into gold. Entertaining video!鉂わ笍


I was rewatching this and thought it was funny how the Venom and Carnage mythics were so op that Nick and Sypher basically put the competition aside and helped each other get them out of the game haha. Really takes me back to how broken they were.

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Dombo 916 +344
Dombo 916

Sypher got that nick mercs cut lmao

Luigichopper +81

Nick and Sypher are a great team, they should do more videos together

Bundaze +28

Nick really cheering for his opponent to win a fight he鈥檚 in so nice 馃槶

John Salazar +1
John Salazar

DOnt know why but everything g about this video seems like a game changer :) loved every minute you guys play so well against one another

Marissa Perkins +1
Marissa Perkins

You guys are great together. I love showing the funny moments to my husband. Thanks for the positive vibes

Brody Shaw the end?
Brody Shaw the end?

I鈥檓 proud of you Nick and Sypher you did good I was there

Joseph Willard +8
Joseph Willard

Probably the most intense vid I鈥檝e seen of you two. Great job!!

Julia Greaven +1
Julia Greaven

great game here guys! lots of fun 馃コ

alberto morales
alberto morales

This was intense and awesome so much fun watching you guys

Carter Richards
Carter Richards

i love it when sypher and nick get together to play

OneTime +6

You guys are so good. I wish I could play like you guys

Zayaan Rab +264
Zayaan Rab

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little sad to see his hair go.

HDR Angus +67
HDR Angus

Sheeeesh. Sypher always makes me smile and inspires me to grind and post. Much love man!!