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    Don't Hug Me .I'm ScaredDon't Hug Me .I'm Scared
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Redmoa +49

Time to rewatch the entire series all over again

Hace 19 horas
John Mobley +2
John Mobley

I had honestly forgot that there was going to be a new series but it’s such a pleasant surprise. And for everyone who was consistently waiting, you all seem very patient. Which is refreshing.

Hace 7 horas
Felix Lang +663
Felix Lang

I can’t express how overjoyed I am to have this series finally continue! Thank you to the incredible work that everyone who made this put into every second of this incredible thing.

Hace 4 horas
HotGlizzy416 +20

The legends themselves. After 6 years of not uploading, they're finally back. You guys were my childhood. I'm so excited for the new series.

Hace 23 horas
Johnny Montilla +774
Johnny Montilla

Wow. My childhood came back.

Hace 7 horas
Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW +81
Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW

So ready to sing more songs with duck, red guy, and yellow man.

Hace 19 horas
K R +18

It’s refreshing to see everyone’s patience, and I’m sure that the new series won’t disappoint. It’s great to see people on youtube who care about quality content

Hace 19 horas
LemonSt +793

The production quality always improving makes me so happy. This series has come so far and it's ridiculously cool that the creators still want to do so much more.

Hace 7 horas
Soinas Doyi +480
Soinas Doyi

Right when we all thought it was all dead. This series deserves the record for the most patient fandom ever

Hace 7 horas

AHUEVO, no puedo expresar lo mucho que me emociona ver regresar a esta serie, voy a verme todos los episodios de nuevo solo para recordar como habíamos terminado

Hace 2 horas
Susie watches to many movies +231
Susie watches to many movies

I can’t even put into words how happy I am to see this series back again

Hace 7 horas
lactasoymilk +5

it’s crazy how much everything has changed in my life from when i first started watching dhmis. this series never disappoints + once again, this is worth the wait 👏

Hace 2 horas
Choko +8

The fact that I started watching this as a kid and now I'm an adult proves how patient this fandom is

Hace 12 horas
Scorpixter +401

When I saw this new upload in my feed, I was touched. After all these years of conspiracies and questions, there's finally a sequel that can fill the empty space in my heart <33

Hace 4 horas
ciro ☆ +330
ciro ☆

Oh Dios, llevo siendo fan hace unos 5 años y es genial ver algo nuevo finalmente

Hace 7 horas
Evelyn Beal +1
Evelyn Beal

I forgot about this series... Really weird to me that it's been so long since the last video you guys posted was so long ago. I am very excited to see what's in store for these upcoming videos. I wasn't aware of a new season (basically) coming to our world but it's an amazing surprise.

Hace 18 horas
GET HOT with Shannon Nadj +37
GET HOT with Shannon Nadj

Somewhere out there, MatPat’s theorist senses started tingling.

Hace 7 horas
~Moonfur~ +16

The team, the myth , the legends have come back after 6 years brought us a whole new project to be excited for . I say bravo 👏

Hace 2 horas
Jardred +5

this is a legendary moment, what is to come is going to be unforgettable

Hace 19 horas
_spookds_…_ +23

I had no ideal there would be a new series.. I found this when I was a kid and barley finished it, it freaked me out so bad. I think at one point I cried when all that stuff happened to Red guy. Honestly can’t wait to see their story unfold even more though.

Hace 4 horas