CDawgVA teaches Kson to smite Ironmouse

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    CDawgVA teaches Kson to smite Ironmouse

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EcdsKO1323O +145

It's just surreal seeing Kson in an Ironmouse x Cdawg clip. Like everything I like mashed into one delicious cake.

boobeebah13 +195

it's hard to believe that Connor didn't like Minecraft because it's honestly the most fun game to watch him play on stream

I Came Here To Laugh At You +146
I Came Here To Laugh At You

Mouse: "Kson no, don't listen to him he's corruption"

Ganiks 93 +14
Ganiks 93

Connor literally bringing Kson to the dark side by teaching her force lighting

ryuzaki +50

why does this somehow reminds me of how palpatine teaches anakin to harnest the darkness within him

Enzo Zambrotti +94
Enzo Zambrotti

It would have been funny to hear another lighting strike at the end of the clip

The Cold Biscuit +24
The Cold Biscuit

KSON boutta make another huge project on that server…

Dan Sfrija +4
Dan Sfrija

The betrayal in mouse's voice when she asks "why did you do that??"

GameSlacker +31

Connor: join collab stream with nyanners and any other female vtubers

Jellyman +5

We're one step closer boys!!!!

crovaxvoneigen +8

This is the way of the Sith


oh mousey, she litteraly was the part of most sinister kensetsu back in the day

Bastion Sea
Bastion Sea

I'm kinda surprised she didn't smite him

Kubo Koko +5
Kubo Koko

Sigma move.

Patrick Orion +1
Patrick Orion

Oohh I didn't kson joined their server

Chronicles of Retardation +2
Chronicles of Retardation

What modpack are they using ?

ArvaNyan +5

Mate your clipping style is super similar to that other toxic clipper that Connor ask to not clip his stream anymore. I'm hoping you're not that person's alt