Rapper Reacts to Blackpink '붐바야'(BOOMBAYAH)!! | WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! (M/V)

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    Knox HillKnox Hill
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    Rapper reacts to artists Blackpink and their latest music video! My full reaction & breakdown of '붐바야'(BOOMBAYAH) Comment below more reactions you want to see!

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Knox Hill +495
Knox Hill

What else should we react to? 🤔 Comment below! Also if you want to support the channel preorder my new album now 🖤

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KrissOn +3

I'm here for blackpink but the intro song is so good

Hace un año
S Mika +1
S Mika

Actually JENNIE is the Main Rapper BUT Lisa is killing too

Hace un año
Sam Sam +1
Sam Sam

Lisa legendary "brrr

Hace un año
Angelita Ruiz +885
Angelita Ruiz

Thats why Jennie is so versatil, even she is the MAIN RAPPER, she lately is participating more as singer because she Also do that amazing and her vocals are incredibles. She is full package!

Hace un año
lalisa’s forehead +1
lalisa’s forehead

“I need to meet a K-Pop Producer” Let’s go Teddy 🥳

Hace un año
Johnny J2D3 +85
Johnny J2D3

Lisa’s rap here to me it’s her best one, that flow is MEAN!! I would listen to it all day long

Hace un año
Helen Gro +552
Helen Gro

Jennie is the bad ass main rapper, and Lisa the swager lead one!

Hace un año
do or die +15
do or die

Lisa is always appreciated because of her dance but u can take a minute and appreciate her rapping and her confidence too she is literally a queen 👑❤️

KJames MCfly M +22
KJames MCfly M

Love your intro ❤️😘 Lisa is a definition of “Swag” and bangs 😅 her flows is crazy ,her stage presence,facial expression and attitude has never disappointed. always on point. And this is one of her iconic lines “Brrrrr Rambo” .

Hace un año
TurBit Films +283
TurBit Films

This comment is for Jisoo. 🖤💗

Hace un año
Lilim +106

Everyone just shines in this video equally! Lisa's execution is PERFECT! PERFECT! Just what he says, polished.

Hace un año
Rosé Are Rosie +461
Rosé Are Rosie

Obviously Jen can rap she is the Main rapper of Blackpink 💗

Hace un año
Marianna Hilario +362
Marianna Hilario

You should react to Jennie and Lisa rapping in English, that’s fire.

Hace un año
Lahiz Longobardi +286
Lahiz Longobardi

JENNIE has so much charisma and presence... it’s crazy

Hace un año
enchang21 +145

Dude, of course Jennie can rap. She's the MAIN rapper, although you won't really know that based on their recent songs coz she's given vocal lines.

Hace un año
Timi Piff +193
Timi Piff

i feel like since you really love Rosés voice you might enjoy "Stay" its a very slow and beautiful song imo. it really shows off the singing of all the members, since some think that Jennie and Lisa cant sing cus theyre the rappers.

Hace un año
Warren Laisias +126
Warren Laisias

All the girls are extremely talented regardless. Love the fact that you like Rosé voice every time. She my bias

Hace un año
Jendeuk Kiara +113
Jendeuk Kiara

I love it when experts give their opinions base on their expertise.This guy is going to the smallest detail of the song.The beats , the instruments ..But I have this question why do you think Jennie doesn't have more rap parts in your music producer perspective coz as her fan it pains me.Her rapping was the first reason why I became a fan.And they don't give us reason.

Hace un año

Main rapper Jennie is not a joke😎😎😎😎

Hace un año