Harry Styles - Late Night Talking (Audio)

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    Music video by Harry Styles performing Late Night Talking (Audio). (C) 2022 Erskine Records Limited, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

EvanHubba♤ +4

Loving this new era.

What Is? +364
What Is?

I think this is my favorite song from this album ❤️

Hace 14 días
D.D +1

These Harry's House track may not as catchy as his previous album but the more you listen to each track, the more attach you to it. This Late Night Talking sounds like 80's love song. It's gonna be long lasting and become a cult-classic. I bet people will realize how good this song after 6 months.

Logan Litz +502
Logan Litz

this song makes me wanna go out at 11: 30 at night and dance in the middle of an empty street, with the street lights shining down and im singing and dancing to the music, that sounds like a good time

kolim jone +113
kolim jone

de verdad Harry, estoy tan orgullosa de ti y todo lo que has logrado, chico de la panadería que robó mi corazón<333

fregward +231

I'm not usually a big fan of modern pop music, but Harry has real charisma and originality. He has what I've missed seeing in pop since the mid-2010s. What a cracking album!

Hace 21 un día
fr0zenintimeee +3

this my fav off the album

John Wick +448
John Wick


Hace 21 un día
Music Planet +198
Music Planet

This is the first time I've checked out Harry Styles' music and I'm honestly floored. I love how unapologetically expressive he is and how hauntingly beautiful his vocals are. What a song.

T.J. +97

I'm not a Harry Styles fan at all, but I've been hearing some talk about his new album, and the few songs off of this album that I have listened to are AWESOME!!

Stuart B Littley +267
Stuart B Littley

this sounds like a reborn version of the Canadian 70’s pop music that my entire family loves…LOVE YOU HARRY !

Frans Astone +48
Frans Astone

This gives me vibes talking with besties near the beach under the moonlight. With loud waves sound and people laugh chattering along the beach night. Deep talking in front of small campfire with some cold beers and chips. This sound like the 80s

Huxley +1

This song just makes me want to dance in a field under the stars.

arielis +5

i actually adore this song so much

Hace 14 días
Maddy +2

I can’t explain what this whole album makes me feel. I literally get goosebumps at every song

Hace 2 horas
이연숙 +61

Harry's song, which expresses love, friendship, breakup and ordinary moments in everyday life in a natural and witty way, is like my story, so I sympathize with it and keep listening to it.

Hace 21 un día
bhupal +24

Haven't heard such addicting tracks since teenage dream and 1989. Literally every track has such a cool vibe

andres top +119
andres top

Las cosas no han sido iguales,

Hace 21 un día
Larry Stylinson +10
Larry Stylinson

Y’all, this isn’t a song, this is

Alexis Enriquez-Levy +48
Alexis Enriquez-Levy

this needs to be more shared than As It Was. just saying. this is an adorable song. great melody and feel lyrics cute come on!


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