Dog Steals CAR!

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    Hammy and OliviaHammy and Olivia
    suscriptores: 1,3 M

    Olivia, the talking dog, is grounded for misbehaving. She decides to leave her room and act out. She steals the car.

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Kathy Pate +185
Kathy Pate

Olivia is such a Wild Thing, lol lol, Kiss My Fluff lol 💗

TDSNoob +2

Your dogs are so cute man

LoVeuBTS +66

"Kiss my fluff", "Get bent"....Liv's vocabulary is simply the best 🤣🤣🤣💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Declan Carswell
Declan Carswell

Corgis are so cute 🥰

Hace 19 horas
PietroBoom +1

The way she press the start button hahahah. So cuteeee

Jon Snow +2
Jon Snow

My dog when I turn on the bath tub😆

Titus Llido +1
Titus Llido

Is the funniest movie ever

Erçin Alsancak
Erçin Alsancak

Hammy and Olivia you are adorable 🥰

Yoshi the Tank Engine +2
Yoshi the Tank Engine

😂 So funny

TragedyTrousers +2

How do those short little legs reach the pedals?

Sparky Gingy +41
Sparky Gingy

Liv is just slaying those cities in dads car!

claudia nemirovsky de pueblas
claudia nemirovsky de pueblas

Woww ......Liv really brave ♥️

Mr stitchy +7
Mr stitchy

Bad ending:Olivia got in a car crash for being so reckless

sharkboy7154 +1

When your dog can drive:

Velius +29

Cut to dad in a padded room, secured in a straight jacket..

T1TexasAggie +15

Absolutely love this duo!!! ❤️❤️🐕🐕


She's not gonna be laughin' when she comes home

Chase Elliott Fan #9 +18
Chase Elliott Fan #9

The way Olivia said "Kiss my fluff" and "Get Bent", almost made me laugh to death! 😂😅


“Kiss my fluff”😂

Hace 21 un día
Bálint Halasi
Bálint Halasi

When she says GET BENT! that face so cute