Lisa Talks Lalisa, Money, BLACKPINK & More

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Just listening to her voice makes me feel so relaxed! <3

Tesnim +1

Things I liked in this interview :

卐_Adrxen__ur__boyfie_卐 +1

Her voice is just satisfying 😭 it's soo deep when she speak English

i'm so done with everyone +977
i'm so done with everyone

I'm so so proud of Lisa! 😭 she's the one who brought me to Kpop and watching her achieving all these, make me so so happy! 🥺

Gleeker +1

I’m telling you the more you Learn about this woman, the stronger of a chokehold she has in you. Lisa as a person is such an amazing individual and every single person who has met her in person attests to how real she is. On top of all that she has struggled so much to get where she is today, all with a smile on her face.

David Shin +587
David Shin

KPOP is blessed to have such an amazing creative like Lisa... As a Korean American, I am proud to have someone like lisa embrace our culture and share her talents and visions with the world.

I Stan Myself +4
I Stan Myself

She’s so down to earth and still thinks about blackpink while promoting her solo career. What a queen

Jennie +490

Zach was saying he didn't expect us to watch again but here I am watching it again and again. Watching Lisa is like a ritual for my daily positive energy. Love Lisa so so much.

Juice's Ghost +159
Juice's Ghost

When he asked which is harder to rap in, English or Korean and she said both, because neither is her first language, while knowing that, it just hit me how amazing that is. She is so talented she makes it sound effortless.

Kelli Sees +406
Kelli Sees

Everyone says “money doesn’t tell us anything about Lisa, they just gave Lisa money because it’s commercial” when she’s literally so in love with that song 😭 it’s the type of music she likes to dance to, it was fun for her to record, it gives us everything we need to know about Lisa

Scott Adams +65
Scott Adams

Great interview Zach. You guys asks very good questions and your demeanor helps put the artist as ease. Lisa is a lovely human being and I'm glad she's finding so much success and positivity, also hope she gets to see her mom more in 2022

Sand cal +220
Sand cal

the fact that this interview has way more views in just 11 days than the ones uploaded even 1 year ago shows Lisa's power and impact

annie +10

Lisa is so humble. She doesn’t care about the fame, all she wants is to support her family doing what she loves. We stan a family-oriented queen 👑

David Carpenter +166
David Carpenter

This is the best interview of Lisa that I have ever seen. She seems like she's in a good space these days. And she's right: it is definitely time for a blackpink comeback.

ireneo banta +28
ireneo banta

It's nice to know lisa more in this interview, her strong bond with her family, how grateful she is for all blessings she got. She deserves all her success. Always stay ground lisa and hopefully you'll be able to fully optimize your popularity, fame and power to help those who look up to you and less fortunate. That way, you will really be a total success. This is just my unsolicited opinion thougj for i really wish you all the best. Always stay safe.

Albert 5 +97
Albert 5

Not the first time that I watched the whole interview, and every single time, I smile from ear to ear.. Ms. LALISA's voice alone can make my heart flutter like crazy 😌 Her answers were on point and witty and the fact that English is not even her first language? She did beyond amazing on the way she expressed her self. Kudos to Zach and Dan for all the beautiful questions that are all make sense, THE BEST INTERVIEW! THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL!


Before I was just idolizing her because of her talent, skills and face. But now, I figured out why I am this supportive and in love with my Lalisa. Is because of her personality. I mean I stan a lots of idols, but she hits so different, swear. I love how humble she is. I literally cried when he asked her what success means for her. She is just so pure. I can't.

Josh Yang +60
Josh Yang

I love her so much that she’s gonna get my support no matter what! She’s so humble and vulnerable! Love her personality and just everything from her. We would love her try R&B because of her hidden vocals that are amazing! So yeah would love to see her try that in the future! But yeah she’s just incredible! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

dami +8

can we talk about how calming her voice is, she literally made me relax

Belle +150

I love her so so much. She should perform at award shows in America as well. I'm sure she would kill it ❤