Among Us Zombie animation season 1 (EP 1 ~ 5)

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    Hello. I am ACAPLANET.
    Season 1(the story of SKELD) ended with episode 5.
    So I put the story of Season 1 together into one video.
    This is a valuable video for me because many people started to like my channel with SKELD's zombie story.
    Please look forward to the upcoming story from POLUS.

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    Thank you ^ ___ ^


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Q : Half body? [반쪽짜리 시체가? / Medio cuerpo?] (

Pizza +58

It's amazing how far this series has come. Good job. Looking for forward to season 8

Just Some Guy without a Mustache +318
Just Some Guy without a Mustache

Easily the most entertaining animations I've ever seen for Among Us.

xena molina🌼 +4
xena molina🌼

I watched this whole series when I had fever. this actually made me happy after feeling so sick

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표민혁 +54

솔직히 아카플래닛님의 좀비어몽어스 시즌1 통합본 영상은 진짜 근본 그 자체수준임

Mighty Deluxe +28
Mighty Deluxe

Its an amazing animation! I'm hoping to see more, Good job animators!

Vellium ꪜ +1
Vellium ꪜ

I really like how the imposters and crewmates are working together instead of voting ppl out

Hace 19 horas
Matheus Oliveira +911
Matheus Oliveira

This plot is better than the Netflix series.

[ Sir Fox GC ] +5
[ Sir Fox GC ]

Siempre traes las mejores animaciones

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Mideum +15

i really like the concept of a zombie game mode in among us, this is also really well made!

EveryBody Drunk +40
EveryBody Drunk

I don't usually watch Among us Videos, but this was very well made, such creativity. It's entertaining

cookiegatos ❤️😻 +5
cookiegatos ❤️😻

Animación hermosa y perfecta

Rodrigo Luiz +15
Rodrigo Luiz

Cara, pq o YouTube demorou tanto pra me recomendar esse vídeo? Que sensacional! Que trabalho incrível! Adorei de verdade! Amei muito! Parabéns!

Jair Mendoza Flores +30
Jair Mendoza Flores

Muy buena la animación, para ser el primer episodio muy buena, el "continuará" 10/10

Jung Hoseok +6
Jung Hoseok

Melhor que muito filme de zumbi por aí, amei 😂❤

Spaleped +257


Jay10AG +8

Man, this was so entertaining, keep up the good work.


me gusto mucho todas las series, nunca me perdí la temporada 5 y espero que me guste la siguiente, like a sus videos de acaplanet

mariana lozada +1
mariana lozada


°ღ yuni_chan ღ° +21
°ღ yuni_chan ღ°

Felicidades estaré esperando con ansias la temporada de polus😊👍

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