Oak Door made from Old Scaffold Boards

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    The first job in our newly concreted workshop was to replace the rotten door. As per usual, we couldn't resist making it in oak... this proved to be a little problematic to get swinging but I think the result is worth it!


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carlrogers +61

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The Country Cottage Gardener +26
The Country Cottage Gardener

There wasn't a single thing about this video I didn't love. Your craftsmanship is fantastic, the editing is perfect and inserts of humour are on point.. new subscriber here and you've definitely inspired a few new ideas for my own channel. Good job 👌

Stan Kolodin +17
Stan Kolodin

It's been a year, feels like last week I was waiting for part two of the roof restoration.

Richard +27

The Quality of your work is outstanding in all that you do - from the carpentry, mill work and to the Videography and the planing well well done thank you

BBQ With Randy +19
BBQ With Randy

WOW…that’s a beautiful door, well done Carl!

Jeremy Bradshaw +2
Jeremy Bradshaw

Beautiful door guys, I wouldn't have put the plugs in personally as when I make things I sometimes have to take them apart afterwards, but you obviously have more confidence than me!. How does it cope with wood expanding & shrinking over the seasons? I want your multi-function saw table - what is that?

denty32 +12

Beautiful work. I made similar doors with the same mould for the doors in my house, I used horse shoe nails to fix the rails and braces they turn out lovely but yours was perfection

Jesse Kahn +56
Jesse Kahn

What a remarkably well crafted door. I love how much care you all are putting in to the restoration and renovation of this farm. It will be going strong for another couple hundred years.

Danny Parker +23
Danny Parker

That was amazing to watch, nice to see the whole family also get involved. How long did it take to complete the whole door?

gazza robo +6
gazza robo

WOW SUPER COOL PROJECT, I absolutely love watching you make items from scratch,

Arfabiscuit +274

Please don't ever change the way you make videos and start jumping around playing pranks and cracking jokes . Perfect as they are thank you .

L B +14

Lovely looking door and a bonus on the oak. Costs for oak are up 30% this year alone.

Jon McNabb +4
Jon McNabb

Incredible workmanship, simply incredible and well done. I even like the inclusion of the mistakes.

Degsy Terry +84
Degsy Terry

As a joiner (for 36 yrs) and experience of making plenty of oak doors and gates, I've just got a few tips to make that door last a few years longer. 1. Leave expansion gaps between the boards. 2. Use stainless or brass fixings. The oak will rot steel screws quicker than you think. 3. Braces are too shallow. They should have gone bottom corner to centre of middle ledge and then centre of middle ledge to top corner in a line but at least you got them going the right way! Some so called joiners can't get that right.

Phil Tucker +31
Phil Tucker

Carl if you have heavy or clay soil there, you can dig the sawdust in as an excellent soil conditioner. (This allows air into the soil for much healthier plant growth) 😊

Tony Hirst +20
Tony Hirst

Absolutely brilliant. I work for Stabila and we are actively encouraging young craftsmen and women through skills competitions. In a world of mass produced throw away products it’s amazing to see the skill, time and commitment required to build something as beautiful and durable as this door.

Martin Louden +2
Martin Louden

Beautiful. It almost looks as if it was made for the job!

Metalhead of Norway +3
Metalhead of Norway

that was a beautiful barn door, great job. could you have used the latch from the old one?

Phil Copeland +8
Phil Copeland

Beautiful joinery there, Carl. It compliments your centuries' old barn renovations so well. Nice to hear the birds in the background too ... mourning dove, cuckoo etc. Very soothing. BTW glad to see you wearing stronger shoes to hang the new door. Seeing you in sandals handling heavy oak boards made me cross my fingers for your tootsies.

Tinkermouse - Scott Russell +5
Tinkermouse - Scott Russell

Awesome, enjoyed watching this project all come together; thank you for taking the time to share it with us.


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