Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

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    Shawn Mendes takes the infamous Vanity Fair lie detector test. Is he really the nicest guy in Hollywood? Was he nervous the first time he met Justin Bieber? How many times did girlfriend Camila Cabello put him in the friend-zone before she started dating him? Is it fair to say their dog Tarzan likes Camila more than Shawn? Is he upset Harry Styles doesn't follow him back on Instagram?
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    Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

Patrícia de Batlle +13
Patrícia de Batlle

I couldn't stop laughing, they were taking it so seriously and he was laughing the whole time, I'd do the same honestly

xYasMeenx +9

Shawn: He looks like a sweet guy.

Yasmin Silva +9
Yasmin Silva

I love that he keeps looking at the test guy to confirm that he’s not lying 😂😂😂

Night Kore +4
Night Kore

i loved that whenever he got caught lying he immediately admitted it

sherin sarah +6
sherin sarah

Shawn: he looks like a nice guy

Aulia Riska Amanda +6
Aulia Riska Amanda

"i was friendzoned a few times by the same girl, but she's my girlfriend now so everything's okay" plssss he's so cutee 😭

Valeria Martinez +7
Valeria Martinez

We need to protect Shawn at all costs, he’s way to sweet for this world.

jolly ruzindana +3
jolly ruzindana

Shawn: "he seems like a nice guy"

Tiana🇮🇪 +1

"Do you think it's possible to spoil a dog too much?"

JJBizzare +4

Guy: "He's telling the truth."

naya +2

He's definitely the type of person that smiles (and laughs) when nervous

Lisa Love +2
Lisa Love

"You're the nicest person I've ever tested on a polygraph."

Brinn Sparrow +6
Brinn Sparrow

He's literally the human version of a golden retriever 😂

ughrhgrgr +2

shawn talks about laundry:

sherin sarah +1
sherin sarah

The lie guy: he is lying

Ruhi Patel +1
Ruhi Patel


Rachel Roselany +3
Rachel Roselany

"Can you give me his number?"

Daniellia Simpson +2
Daniellia Simpson

" I find it easier to trust brown eyes"

S. G. +5
S. G.

I’m dead lol he’s so nervous he can’t stop laughing

Melissa Mitchell +1
Melissa Mitchell

I think he should never, ever talk to law enforcement without a lawyer and a son is the same. I think he’d end up confessing to a crime he didn’t commit.