LISA (BLACKPINK) - City Girls Dance Practice Mirrored

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    LISA (BLACKPINK) - City Girls Dance Practice Mirrored

just some viewer +598
just some viewer

Timestamps for meh

FaithxNala +2

Y’all I just learned this dance so proud of myself

Reese Playz +459
Reese Playz

Lisa is so captivating because she is fiercely masculine and yet fluidly feminine love how she isn’t afraid to show her masculine side 👑

Tae Mendes +1
Tae Mendes

So yeah I learned the dance... and I recorded myself and... 😐 I’ll never dance again in my life.

Jenna Rose +430
Jenna Rose

still. any believe she flawlessly learned that in an hour 😌💅 our dancing queen

Amalia Barcena +605
Amalia Barcena

Me watching this for the 100th time, mentally preparing to learn this

•Tiziana R +76
•Tiziana R

I'm never going to get tired of seeing her dance, it's a fact.

김혜진 +137

Love how everyone is learning the choreography

yumithoughts +17

This is so good!!! I really like the vibes🔥

Angel Callahan +30
Angel Callahan

that's why for me Lisa is the best k-pop female dancer.

blackpink best group +37
blackpink best group

this vdo is a big slap on the face of those haters who said Lisa can't carry strong and energetic choreos. our Lili proved she can dance soft and powerful both. ❤️

Emily Alves +1
Emily Alves

19 de janeiro estou aqui tentando aprender essa dança, uma das minhas preferidas, vamos ver com quantos dias eu aprendo!

Hace 14 horas
Aubrey😈💔 +20

I just finished learning this dance and it is hard. But I spent all day learning this and I think it was worth it

shffjigdukgbkyhkiu +72

I just learned this dance a minute ago 😃 I'm so proud of myself HAHAHAHAHAH

Joy Jaay +40
Joy Jaay

I like watching this practice version a lot better than her lilifilm one. It's great no doubt but this one, I can see her execute every movement much better. No long hair wig or dark light in the way.

Samantha Nadine +5
Samantha Nadine

My toxic trait is that I think I can do this perfectly by watching this once.

Anie Chick +2
Anie Chick

We're watching to the Best Female Dancer of Industry , She is so Talented ❤️ Her Carrer Will be Smash!! 🎶🔥

Hace 21 un día
Bianca Schiapparelli +5
Bianca Schiapparelli

I'm learning this dance, it's amazing!

Ramesh Gedam +7
Ramesh Gedam

I just love this song and her dance💙💜💜💜


Lisa is very talented.