BTS(방탄소년단) - For Youth @인기가요 inkigayo 20220619

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    스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP
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    BTS - For Youth
    방탄소년단 - For Youth
    SBS Inkigayo(인기가요) is a Korean music program broadcast by SBS.
    The show features some of K-pop artists’ performance every Sunday.
    Check out this week’s Inkigayo Line up and meet your favorite artist!

Benilde Moreno +130
Benilde Moreno

J Hope is so underrated. He's amazing! His voice is so soothing and beautiful. His presence and talent are magnificent. I love him.

Hace 19 horas
قناة الرعب The horror +192
قناة الرعب The horror

So beautiful

Hace 14 horas
قناة الرعب The horror +115
قناة الرعب The horror


Hace 14 horas
Татьяна Смирнова +3
Татьяна Смирнова

БТС мы вас очень любим и будем рады любому вашему появлению на сцене! Лишь бы вы были счастливы и здоровы! Вы как никто заслуживает огромного успеха и любви!💯✌💯

Hace 4 horas
Christie- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW +177
Christie- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

"Yesterday is history"

Hace 14 horas
Marcia Tomek +123
Marcia Tomek

Taehyung's voice and stage presence always takes my breath away. BTS best wishes on your next chapter.

Hace 19 horas
jm love +160
jm love

우와.. 무대가 진짜 너무 이쁘네요.. 우리 이쁜 탄이들이랑 너무 잘어울려서 감탄하며 봤네요.. 이렇게 정성들여 꾸며준 SBS 고마워요~~ 진짜 천사들의 합창같아..

Hace 14 horas
Е Е +35

Как они хороши, наши прекрасные мальчики. Каждый со своим шармом, со своей индивидуальностью, каждый талантлив и хорош каждый по своему. Со своими чудесными голосами играют на струнах наших душ. Хочется сказать поступайте так, как велит сердце, мы всегда поддержим вас и всегда будем любить.

Hace 16 horas
Людмила Сыпало +18
Людмила Сыпало

все комментарии прекрасны,даже добавить нечего, песня бесподобна,мальчики прекрасны,ну а мой любимчик Тэ это что-то неземной чудо,обожаю и 💘 🤟 💘 🤟

Hace 7 horas
arian jung +41
arian jung

las líneas de Nam, Taehyung y Jungkook me pegan mucho en esta maravillosa canción.

Hace 14 horas
ForeverArmy ForeverBTS +33
ForeverArmy ForeverBTS

I love this song so much, I don’t know why but Jin catches my attention in this because of his singing, outfit and visuals. They all did absolutely amazing, if only I could say “I’m proud of all of you” in person but I can’t. I’ll just wait till the day I can see them perform, everything about this performance is great and Jungkook’s bit where he goes “Your my best friends for the rest of my life” and his voice goes higher amazes me. Hope I can view this in person soon! 💜💜💜💜🇬🇧🇨🇳

Hace 16 horas
BTS Universe OT7 +373
BTS Universe OT7

I'm gonna miss their group performance so much until their next comeback. I love them so much more than words can define 💜 THE BEST IS YET TO COME

Hace 19 horas
Mariela Marisabel +3
Mariela Marisabel

Taehyung es tan hermoso todos se lucieron son tan geniales

Hace 9 horas
Sabrina Simões +2
Sabrina Simões


Hace 12 horas
Lethal Blood +76
Lethal Blood

The high not in Jungkook's voice is just everything. His voice is so melodic. I just want to listen to it all the time.

Hace 14 horas
Cookiesweety +25

Jungkook's part in high note is so touching my heart... Like sending me goose bumps 😖💘

Hace 9 horas
Pars +425

They are not just idols, they are truly complete artists. They always bring us joy, happiness, energy through songs. They are so talented, humble, full of love, sweet persons.

Hace 19 horas
Azteca Lírio +1
Azteca Lírio

Lindíssimo! Maravilhosíssimo!!! Êita música maravilhosa!!!! Toda vez vem a vontade de chorar!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💜

Hace 12 horas
تايلول💙. +3

Well, really, I couldn't get past the shape of Taehyong in any way. I really love this boy because I couldn't scream over my voice and expressed the amount of my love and gratitude for this really great boy. It's precious thing. My life I would like to keep him and protect him inside me away from the harmful people forever💙🫶🏻

Hace 14 horas


BTS(방탄소년단) - Yet To Come @인기가요 inkigayo 20220619


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