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    STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]STUDIO CHOOM [스튜디오 춤]
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    [비 오리지널] 티오원 지수 'No More X' | 언필터드 캠

    스튜디오 춤 캠이 담은 아티스트의 춤선!
    현장감 넘치는 멤버 별 포커스 캠,

    [ ] TO1 'No More X'

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Nadège Moukoury +10
Nadège Moukoury

JISU is such a great dancer 😍❤️

Jami Choi +12
Jami Choi


JR Kim +3
JR Kim

지수의 춤 실력은 계속 늘어~ 원래도 잘 췄는데 이번 활동을 더 잘해~


지수 진짜 진짜 멋있어

Daria Caterina Giorgianni +6
Daria Caterina Giorgianni

he may not be the best dancer in the dance line but his facial expressions are unmatchable under this point of view he outdances Chan and Kyungho, he seems to dance with fully emotions, anger, sassyness with so much power yet he is so precise

BlueNightMelodies +1

I love his facial expressions and of course his dancing skills are amazing <3

Mena León
Mena León

Aaaah me encanta!! More lines! More lines!

Hace 21 un día
Rinia Carla +8
Rinia Carla

i love watching this man dance 🕺🏽

Naenha Dimilya Fitrhi +4
Naenha Dimilya Fitrhi




Mena León +1
Mena León

Aaaah muy guapo!!

Hace 21 un día
천aca +1

지수는 춤을 진짜 잘 춰요! 🕺🕺

Jen ~ +3
Jen ~

Thank youuuu Jisu, hope to see you soon ~

Gormit 0101 +2
Gormit 0101

Awww my bb Jisu !!!

Lana Moon +2
Lana Moon

Emotion wow

hslpt3 +1

watching Jisu just hurts me. honestly i don't know what to feel. he's such a good vocalist and dancer. i dare say he could even be part of the main vocal line if not lead but he consistently get to sing crumbs(together with Minsu n now maybe they're adding Jerome to that line, crumb-line...which surprised me since Jerome used to get quite a decent amount) anyway, yeah...those who are new, feel free to give a try to Don't Fear Now perf from their TOO version because the TO1 version was too noisy it'd take away the highlight from vocals. Jisu got to sing one same line as Jaeyun in prechorus n he sound soo good. and when it comes to dance, you'd think he's behind Chan n Kyungho but surprise, that started with their predebut survival show that focus the grand narration for Chan vs Kyungho. there wasn't even any room for Jisu. even when he danced they cut short n didn't show people's reaction/comment as opposed to the other two. and cmon people are easily influenced by sentiments these shows pushed whether you like to admit it or not. even in Bounce team(their first group mission) Jisu's role was like the lead vocalist i'd say as well as the main dancer/leader but they made the group pitiful(honestly Chihoon messed up the most n they were given below minimum points) and during teh acting challenge (which i still hadn't continue watch...i was just done by then. Jisu showed good acting but he was lumped in a group with all competitive good actors coincidentally so he didn't win the main role...while the other two teams were horrible at acting so naturally it's easier for those with decent acting emerged victory in those teams- guess who lol. i had stopped watching by then after learning Jisu ain't getting main role but i kinda have an idea...) somehow....Jisu always had opportunities cut off from him, and the only screentime i remember from the first few episodes were of him crying. and Minsu was only focused in eating scene....like can't you tell everything had been preplanned...even what image they want the fans to see the members having, all from editing. i could tell Jisu lacks self esteem, i mean how could he not when his worth is treated in such a way. even when they're to talk about their background on a random yt show, he said that his story would have added msg(exaggeration) to make it interesting even if it's meant as a joke, feels like his variety talent n wit are just his way of coping with the situation n it's the only thing he gets credit for right now. honestly if you watch him, he has such great and varied expressions when dancing but he dance with such intensity and agility that even to capture his expressions could be hard because he just moves fast. just before they released Son of Beast i decided to stan them after having watch them starting from Road to Kingdom. but with how my fav member is yet again poorly treated for his worth consistently, and with how i like their music lesser with this comeback....i'm wondering if i decided to stan too early n maybe i should just cut ties since it hurts so much to see your fav member just stuck in this crappy zone forever when they're so darn talented, i wouldn't complain half as much if i know he's a subpar singer n dancer. i did that with Loona, got fedup with how Haseul(their one of top vocals) constantly treated in lines, i just decided i was done n that's it. i wanted to root for TO1, i really like these kids, but my trauma with Loona still feel fresh to be living the same thing again...so i really don't know n just fed up.

Jen ~ +7
Jen ~

Jisu, 사랑해요 ~

jdy9200 +1


Nabila Essa +3
Nabila Essa


DaeguYunie +1