Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Judgment”

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    It’s time for Mad Maggie to face justice for her crimes. But when you can’t be innocent and you won’t be guilty, what fate lies in store?
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Lonely Sandwich +8
Lonely Sandwich

Her heirloom: Fuse’s Arm

King Kea +1
King Kea

As a Māori fella myself I really appreciate her Haka in the face of death. It's no secret she (and her voice actor) are Māori and I really love the representation

Art Lover Ivy +1
Art Lover Ivy

Gotta love how dedicated Maggie is. You really get the sense that she truly is fearless unlike many characters who might claim to be. The only thing that I can imagine scaring her is if you blew up Salvo or something, but in regards to her own safety? Yeah there’s pretty much no way you could ever intimidate her.

TimeBucks +1

love how dedicated Maggie is

Voidless space +271
Voidless space


Eimi Fefr +382
Eimi Fefr

As a kiwi I found it interesting that Gibralter was written as if of maori descent but the fact that Maggie also speaks maori is really neat and im wondering if they have a kiwi on the team trying to push that kind of choice. Cool to see more representation of my country even if I dont particularly like either of the characters.

Macro +16

Mad Maggie's ability is constantly reminding you that her name is Mad Maggie

Diego Grajeda +997
Diego Grajeda

Ufff I LOVE they didn't just place Maggie as a careless psicopath but someone with really strong ideals and sense of humor towards death.

Travis Stuart +448
Travis Stuart

Despite not enjoying her as an announcer I think as a legend she’ll be far more tolerable and I’m actually kinda hyped for her entrance into the games the dynamics that are going to form through voice lines this season will def be the most interesting

ZuluZupreme +186

I love the character building! This video sends chills down my spine, from the way she shouts "For Salvo!" to ATLA-like voice acting from the Judge (honestly reminded me a little of the Fire-Lord or one of his generals). From The mystery behind Mr. Silva to the breadth of personality Mad Maggie's voice actor puts into every line; it's outstanding!

Secret633 +141

I'm glad that the $80ish I spent on this game is going to help fund this great team of animators, voice actors, story writers, whatever you call the coding guys, and everyone else. Even if it isn't much. It's a great team, and I'm glad that they all made such a great game with a very in depth story.

David Guzman +61
David Guzman

That “FOR SALVO!!!” got me willing to die for her cause

Nightmonkey 616 +7
Nightmonkey 616

I can’t wait to see the “thank you” and “you’re welcome” lines between Fuse and Maggie

Doc Nightmares +298
Doc Nightmares

I honestly feel like Maggie and Revenant will have some interesting dialogue about Freedom since that is what they both crave for in their own way. Maggie wanting Salvo to be free from Syndicate control and Rev wanting to free from the immortal body he considers a prison.

Stirrcrazy +166

I actually love every single line in this short. Best written one so far IMO, and the bit about spitting teeth at people has gotta be one of the coolest things I’ve seen animated

Lesterven +24

Love her already

Manny Fernandez +84
Manny Fernandez

Also the way maggie breaks her tooth just to shoot it at the judge's eyes is amazing and terrifyng, her name is true, she is mad.

MoustacheDR +108

Something about him saying "you're heading to the Apex games" is so badass to me keep rewatching that ending over and over again.

lugiyc +5

Mad Maggie’s tactical is that she can shoot her teeth, and they deal massive damage when shot in the right places. She only has 30 uses for 30 teeth, and she gets worse and worse at talking the more teeth she shoots

Vapor Steve +42
Vapor Steve

Mad Maggie is a character taken from borderlands. Her madness is just so Pandora like. I love it. The design, the personality, the badassery, the voice acting. Props to the team. Great work.