Restoration of an antique pre-WW2 pocket watch - 100 year old Cyma 777 - german empire silver case

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    This time I´m restoring a Cyma pocket watch. It´s from the pre-world-war 2 period and about 100 years old.
    It´s powered by the Cyma 777 caliber a hand-wind movement with 15 rubis and it beats at 18000 bph.

    That pocket watch is in a bad condition: The silver-case has tarnished over decades, the glass is broken and the movement isn´t running at all. There is some corrosion on the dial and the hands are dirty and bent.
    Unfortunately watches from that age doesn´t have a shock-protection so the balance staff is broken. It was hard to find a new replacement-balance but I was lucky.

    I´m cleaning the case by an electrochemical reaction with aluminium and soda-water and polish it afterwards. The glass will be replaced (or maybe I just turned back the time by 100 years?)

    After everything is cleaned and polished, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After some fine-tuning, this watch is in a fantastic beat (+4 seconds per day) again.

    I´ve added some (super-)slow-motion and macro-scenes - let me know in the comments what you think about it.

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    Case Polishing Wadding: **
    Thermo-Tape: **
    Fiber Glass Pen: **
    UV-Lamp: **
    UV-Glue: **
    Rodico: **
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Lucas Hipkins +264
Lucas Hipkins

So much to love here! The new camera angles, I especially like the view of the components going into the cleaning bath. The slow motion of the balance wheel was amazing. And then, where do I start with the time machine? You, my friend, are a master! Keep it up!

Ray Ortega +8
Ray Ortega

Masterful. And I agree with the person who suggested some explanations of each step. Either way, very satisfying to watch!

Vinyl Scratch +2
Vinyl Scratch

I knew old watches had a ton of moving parts, but I never know it was THAT many. They really are works of art and wonders of engineering.

Hace 12 horas
Mike LaBelle +7
Mike LaBelle

It is as always fascinating to watch you work on restoring these timepieces. great work.

kodiakthejuggler +2

Absolutely beautiful. And the slow motion is great! All the camera work is wonderful. Thanks for the video!

Tatianna Zutania +29
Tatianna Zutania

Oh so many pieces to lose. I would never be able to put this back together without some left over parts. Great job!!

Daniel Slowen +18
Daniel Slowen

I really enjoy these videos, the most amazing thing about them is how many moving parts and the attention to tiny detail required to make and/or repair a watch. Please never stop doing this! So satisfying

kenny edwards +2
kenny edwards

Beautiful job. The video quality and definition is superb - I can see the grain of the metal and every detail of the watch mechanism. You've inspired me to have another go at a family heirloom silver Waltham pocket watch.

Paulo Monti +1
Paulo Monti

Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho e pela qualidade de seus vídeos ! :) \o/

Eugene Pomeroy +4
Eugene Pomeroy

Always a pleasure watching your very professionally-looking watch repair videos. As with any of these watch repair channels I am addicted to, I wish you, and others, would include the history of the piece, from when it was made to how it ended up in your hands. Thanks.

TTTTTTTTztttttttt +1

Amazing work and working knowledge of watches. The editing was almost as great. Very interesting and entertaining video. Well done!


This is an incredible restoration of a pocket watch with a history of 100 years. I have a Grandpa Rotary like this in the video. Fortunately it still works! Congratulations on your unique technique ! ⌚⌚⌚⌚

Junior Jr. +9
Junior Jr.

Your work is simply wonderful, bringing back to life something that we agree, made tens of years ago was already fantastic. All these tiny pieces, most of them handcrafted. I wonder how difficult it was at the time for such a feat. I ask if anyone can answer. Could it be that whoever conceived a watch like this did a project first? I mean, drew it, it must be in storage somewhere, it would be wonderful to run an eye over a project of something like that. If there is.

J L N +18

Beautiful time piece especially the art deco style etching on the back. I am so fascinated watching you restore it. How do you remember where everything goes to put it back together. There has to be at least 150 parts, and every part so delicate and or fragile. I wouldn't dare try it. I'm awed by the work.

Joel Ukule-Lee +1
Joel Ukule-Lee

Oh my! What a beautiful restoration. The camera work is wonderful! I loved it.

June MacDonald +9
June MacDonald

There is something quite magical about the machinations of old watches. I imagine it is so gratifying to assemble all these disparate parts into something that seems to live in its own.




Very nice! The finished product was amazing! And, thanx for showing the cleaning machine process. I've always wanted to see that in operation.

Stefano Premori +21
Stefano Premori

following this channel is a pleasure: you can see your growth in the quality of the shooting and in the editing, congratulations for the choice of the restored pieces, the latter is sublime.

Nexox Mx +1
Nexox Mx

As always. One more video of a great restoration. I never get tired of watching your videos. Besides being great, they are very relaxing. Congratulations on this great restoration !!!


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