Geneva Motor Show Highlights Review Tour GIMS 2019 - Autogefühl

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    00:01 Mercedes GLE 53 AMG
    11:07 Mazda CX-30
    19:03 Audi Q4 e-tron
    30:33 Polestar 2
    47:24 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake
    56:59 Peugeot e-208 GT
    1:05:55 Audi e-tron Sportback
    1:09:59 Skoda Kamiq
    1:25:30 Volkswagen I.D. Buggy
    1:33:43 Volkswagen Touareg V8 TDI
    1:44:55 Audi e-tron GT
    1:57:56 Skoda Scala
    2:08:06 VW T6 Multivan Facelift
    2:21:14 Mercedes GLC Facelift (Plugin-Hybrid)
    2:28:57 Renault Clio
    2:36:19 Honda e Prototype
    2:41:19 Cupra Formentor
    2:49:14 Mercedes EQV
    2:56:15 Smart forease+
    2:59:51 BMW X7
    3:24:48 VW T-Roc R
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enreiha +5

The attention to detail combined with passion and knowledge about new cars is why I always check your coverage of car shows. Thank you for all the hard work Autogefühl team!

Hace 3 años
kingdom7 +13

Thank you guys for the the information, at Geneva auto show 2019. I look forward to seeing, you in your next video. Peace and love.

Hace 3 años
TripleThreat +15

Polestar segment was great. Brian nailed the appeal of the car perfectly. Great job.

Hace 3 años
sgirwan +8

Quality video guys! As always!

Hace 3 años
Eric B.
Eric B.

Great addition to MAZDA's CX lineup of SUVs. 

Hace 2 años

I think I'll stick to my CX-3. The new style grille is cool but damn I'm not a fan of the side or rear of that CX-30. I do wish I had the 2020 interior tho. Also, complaining about wheel size is something I've only ever seen journalists do, so weird.

Hace 2 años
Chris Till
Chris Till

The Smart concept looks cool from the outside, but the interior (aside from the colours) is identical to my EQ, which itself isn’t really up to date in my opinion. They need to do a lot more with the next production car, including over 100 miles of range and CCS.

Hace 3 años

While driving my 2016 Civic EX the parking brake engaged. The car is still under warranty so I took it to the Honda service department where I bought it. The only way to get rid of this extremely dangerous problem was to get rid of the car so I traded it in on an Accord with a mechanical parking brake. Honda corporation as expected refused me compensation. Do not trust them.

Hace 2 años
Whitewalker +5

At the start the guy is cleaning the car whilst Brian is going around putting his hands all over the car, the guy must be going mad lol, great vid guys keep it up. 👍😊

Hace 3 años
Edgar Renje +1
Edgar Renje

My favorits: Mazda CX-30 (although I don't like those hudge plastics on the side), Peugeot e-208 and Honda e Prototype.

Hace 2 años
Lightning Farron +2
Lightning Farron

Lovely! Thank you for this! ❤ My favourite has to be the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53!

Hace 2 años
Chandrachur Niyogi +4
Chandrachur Niyogi

best detailed coverage of an auto show & most importantly the cars on display!!! Ur videos are long but I can understand why!!! Good job keep going strong!!!!

Hace 2 años
tlaccord +1

I like the cla shooting brake, honda e, cx-30 and t-roc r great review thanks

Hace 3 años
gh p +10
gh p

Perfect and Nice, good camera work!

Hace 3 años
Mugetsu +1

I like how Brian says "Out-oh-geh-fuel"

Hace 2 años
Fred Hassen +4
Fred Hassen

Can listen to this guy all day.

Hace 3 años
King Earl
King Earl

No doubt - the Polestar ist the most interesting car on show

Hace 2 años
DannyBGD. +11

Thank you for the video! You guys are doing an excellent work! #1

Hace 3 años
MDofKK +1

We love the piano black panels. VW needs to bring the Touareg back to the US!

Hace 2 años
Marie Jules
Marie Jules

Very nice classic car


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COSA SERIA T2 - EP.01 Carlos Ballarta

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