Building a Modern Day (Fast and Furious) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX in 22 minutes! [TRANSFORMATION]

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throtl +1

Who's here before 1M views?

Joshua Azel +2
Joshua Azel

I hope that whoever owns this shop really takes care of their employees, what an amazing team of craftsmen

Boosted Media +49
Boosted Media

This is absolutely epic! <3

Russell Francis +5
Russell Francis

I'm sure the amount of labor spent on this project was legendary! The end result looks incredible. Truly the definition of "extra" lol.

Hace 2 horas
Kevin Padot +36
Kevin Padot

I never thought an Eclipse would make it on the list of nicest cars I've ever seen. There aren't words for how fantastic of a job these guys did

James Dawson-Shaw +4
James Dawson-Shaw

May I ask what influenced your decision making process in deciding if you were to stick to the original with a Gallo 12, or go for the (FBI) preferred Gallo 24? Props on the build, looks incredible!

Hace 2 horas
Aprendiz do grau Correa +3
Aprendiz do grau Correa

Adorei o projeto! muito show de bola, parabéns 🇧🇷👍🏻

EliteShot +402

Man what I would pay for a completely custom ride…

Eduardo Guedes +82
Eduardo Guedes

You're not just mechanics, you're artists from the automotive world. Congratulations! You gave a show of professionalism. 🇺🇸 🇧🇷😎🏁

Alex Lucas +4
Alex Lucas

didn’t have high hopes in the beginning, but you really have to watch the video & its Entirety to really understand & appreciate what’s actually going on. These men are not just builders are craftsmen, they’re artists. Absolutely fantastic job.

Fabio Costa +4
Fabio Costa

parabéns pelo trabalho, ficou incrível.

Joshua wakefield +8
Joshua wakefield

Absolutely amazing work! wish there were such places near me where i could work in a shop like this. going to save this video and watch it again!

Kelford Cams +3
Kelford Cams

Awesome build guys, absolutely love the the end result. True high end work

Luke Orrin +366
Luke Orrin

This is such a great demonstration of the difference between just doing something and truly applying applying yourself, putting your talent and creative energy to use and geeking tf out on a thing. What an amazingly detailed, awesome tribute build. The best I've seen. Great work.


Amazing build. Refreshing to watch, kudos to the team everyone did a great job 👍🏼😎 Pual would be proud!

Hace un día
PsycheMike +1

That's a lot of work put into this car! good job you guys. I like this, it gives everyone a brief insight into car modification. I'm sure there's so much more edited out. That car look great! I mean the work put in basically was rebuilding a whole new car. There was probably a little bit of the metal frame that was kept, but everything was basically changed out lol.

poteaugs +2

Wow, you guys didn’t leave a single part of this car out… as a Mitsubishi fan for the past 25 years, you guys nailed every aspect of this…. Well done…

Kerry Parks +5
Kerry Parks

You guys actually made me jealous watching you craft this car. Something I always dreamed of doing and your guys rocked it to perfection! I can't help but think you had Paul Walker looking over you all's shoulder and am sure he'd appreciate and totally approve! RIP Paul!


This has to be the cleanest most professional build i've ever seen. What a masterpiece.

myinfinitestate +115

G'day, the quality of the build is absolutely stunning. The attention to detail left me gobsmacked. There wasn't a single part of the car you didn't upgrade or fabricate. Good onya throtl. You all are truly amazing craftsmen and obviously, artists! Kudos & Cheers from Margaret River, Western Australia 🇦🇺.