Pokemon Shining Pearl but they randomly evolve every level

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    I've modded Pokemon Shining Pearl so that all my pokemon randomly evolve every level--and their sizes are scaled to be their real sizes. Oh--and this was modded DAY ONE of the game coming out. Watch the insanity.

    GET THE EVOLVE MOD YOURSELF HERE: discord.gg/pointcrow
    -Randomly Evolve mod was created by CraftyBoss
    -Size mod was created by DistantKingdom

    ▶TWITCH: twitch.tv/pointcrow
    ▶MERCH: pointcrow.shop
    ▶VOD Channel: youtube.com/pointcrowvods
    ▶Twitter: pointcrow
    ▶Discord: discord.gg/pointcrow
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    Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel
    Editted by: cosmizoey

PointCrow +895

follow me on twitch if you want to catch me doing all of this live :)

FlamingPickle88 +5

I love that the accidentally caught Bibarel carried the team on his back out of sheer spite

yeet meat +1
yeet meat

"If accident turns into another trash pokemon I'm releasing it"

Porter S. +544
Porter S.

I could see the everstone being a super powerful item in this mod.

PythonPlusPlus +151

I love how they all evolved into really derpy pokemon for the hall of fame

Icicle +407

You love to see Flygon proving he’s the better Ground/Dragon type by absolutely murdering Garchomp.

MGlBlaze +80

I love the "real sizes" mod and I'm honestly both sad and rather irate that the games haven't actually done that properly since Battle Revolution.

Regan Lewis +2
Regan Lewis

“If accident evolves into one more trash Pokémon I’m releasing it”

Sneaky-Boi The Sneakiest Boi +257
Sneaky-Boi The Sneakiest Boi

Crow: One more disappointing evolution and I’m releasing Accident.

niddg viiut +75
niddg viiut

The real size mod is literally how the game should be and I won't budge from this.

KosmoZer0 +59

I was so hoping that Dialga would've evolved into a Magicarp, I would've just died laughing 😂

Epicgamer Vallon +90
Epicgamer Vallon

That friendship stuff has been in since X Y. They can withstand a finishing blow, deal a crit, and other stuff too I think.

Benjamin Owens +16
Benjamin Owens

I like how you said “hope for the freeze” so many times. The freeze never came lol

Eric Kumbhani +2
Eric Kumbhani

This randomizer is an extremely accurate representation of digimon evolution

Wesley Oldham +23
Wesley Oldham


Emily5282 +10

Love how it literally says "Congratulations! Your accident evolved into Azelf"

Lukenn3k +39

i love how you caught a pokemon on accident just because you slipped, but then it ended up being your favorite pokemon. One button changed your ENTIRE stream.

Lumi's Corner +41
Lumi's Corner

I still think if an attack is 4x effective ot should say it was super duper effective

shorty 25 +22
shorty 25

A shiny catch would have been awesome because of constant shiny evolutions

Wizard4k +3

It’s weird just how much more immersive the Pokémon size mod makes the game when it’s such a simple change