Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell (PCM Stereo)

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    Like a bat out of hell
    I'll be gone when the morning comes
    Oh, when the night is over
    Like a bat out of hell
    I'll be gone gone gone
    Like a bat out of hell
    I'll be gone when the morning comes
    But when the day is done and the sun goes down
    And the moonlight's shining through
    Then like a sinner before the gates of Heaven
    I'll come crawling on back to you

prize +561

This man poured his heart and soul into everything he did. RIP to a legend

mary keating +358
mary keating

What a performer. We’ll never see talent like this again. RIP big man.

Singing Wolf +178
Singing Wolf

I'm only 27, but my grandma raised me, and I remember her playing Meat Loaf when I was a toddler. Like I knew every song on this album before I even knew any nursery rhymes. Meat Loaf was an inspiration to me. I loved to sing listening to him. I learned to really love music watching him get into every performance. He was the ONLY celebrity I ever wanted to meet in person. And when I heard he'd died, I just broke. I will forever love this man and what he did.

Buster Coins +410
Buster Coins

No one could do it quite like Meatloaf. He was a phenomenon. Rest in peace.

Dean J. W. Ferris +276
Dean J. W. Ferris

Gone when the morning comes. But never forgotten! RIP MeatLoaf!

Clint Dunne +181
Clint Dunne

One of the greatest singer's of all time, rest easy meatloaf, you will never be forgotten and you are immortal in your music.

Dee Nimmin +1
Dee Nimmin

Thank you for everything. RIP

Steffen T +87
Steffen T

His shell may be gone, but his music will live forever! Rest in Peace Meat Loaf!

Ronald Price +96
Ronald Price

One of the few people in existence who had the courage and generosity to share how deep the passion in his heart flowed. Every performance, he gave his all. We're all connected. And one day, we'll be one again. RIP. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those effected by his passing. 🙏

SC88V2 +59

This has got to be, deadset, one of the greatest rock anthems of all time. Not to mention tops my list of Meat Loaf songs.

Nanookextraplanar +76

As it often happens, I am one of the many who didn't know the work of this man while he was alive. But these few weeks after the news of his passing I came to youtube looking for who this person was and omg, I'm so ashamed for not knowing who he was and humbled by his amazing talent. Rock and Heavy Metal has many huge names and legendary performers, and yet never before have I seen someone sing with so much passion and moxie. The man was a titan on stage, and his songs are just so freaking good. Now I understand all the comments about his being a legend and all, not a single one of them is "too much", this man was one of a kind. R.I.P.

Door Anderson +88
Door Anderson

He gave all his heart on stage and his fans has all his heart of rock and roll and now keep rocking like a bat out of hell every body!!!! RIP Meat loaf!

Scru Face Jean +4
Scru Face Jean

RIP to one of the greatest musicians of all time this one hurt me. “Like a Bat out of Hell I’ll be gone when the morning comes” …he wasn’t lying, rest easy OG. I will play this song at max volume until the Rock Gods themselves come down and stop me. Thank you MR. loaf “we gotta make the most out of our one night together” I’d like to think we did. Peace king


He may have suffered a torrent of abuse for being a big guy...but he had at least two pounds of talent for every pound of body weight...and by far the biggest thing about him was his voice. An absolute classic performance of an absolute classic song.

You Tuber +26
You Tuber

A masterpiece, and one of my favourite songs of all time. I bloody love it.

TONE 007 +52
TONE 007

Without doubt this album is one of the most iconic pieces of popular music ever produced. RIP Meat x

The Exchange Trader - Tutorial Videos +13
The Exchange Trader - Tutorial Videos

One of the greatest performances in the history of music. Just brilliant.

Paul L +19
Paul L

One of the greatest albums of all time. Great writing, great execution. What a man he was! RIP Meat!

Sandman +130

RIP Legend!

David M +16
David M

I have to admit that Bat out of Hell was my first 8 track tape I bought and I wore it out, one of best albums/8 track I will never get bored listening to it, Meat Loaf thank you for the memories, rip brother it's your turn to shine in heaven because your a Bat out of Hell!