The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video)

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    'No Need To Argue' 25th Anniversary Edition is out 12th November 2020, pre-order here -
    Music video by The Cranberries performing Zombie. (C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group

TheCranberriesTV +105

"We are so delighted with the news that Zombie has reached 1 Billion views on YouTube! 🎉 We are sure Dolores has a big, proud smile on her face too.

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alice brus +31
alice brus


Hace 2 años
Светлана Крюкова +7
Светлана Крюкова

Вспоминаю 🤔я не помню в каком я училась классе но эта песня была такая крутая 😘👍😉❤❤❤❤

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Cristian Palma +9
Cristian Palma

Cuánta falta le hace este mensaje al mundo, así como ayer hoy. No más guerra!🙏

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Artem Sharifylin +12
Artem Sharifylin

Не думал что когда-нибудь пойму смысл этой песни , видимо и нашему поколению придется через это пройти

Hace 20 horas
Keith S +12
Keith S

Always a classic. We all miss you so dearly Dolores.

Hace 20 horas
Olgert Steps +4
Olgert Steps

best! best! просто лучшая песня ....

Hace 17 horas
PugsNotDrugs4 +4

She may be gone, but her music will live on forever.

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Stephen McCarthy +952
Stephen McCarthy

She uses an Irish traditional singing technique called Keening. it's similar to a yodel. it's traditionally used for grieving, and funeral rites. She included it here to symbolize grief for children killed in an IRA bombing, and for the troubles in general

b soz +5
b soz

Dear God,

Hace 15 horas
HeadlessFancy +291

The world is so much less without her. RIP Dolores. You are so missed.

Hace 21 un día

Something about this song that touches my soul. From the first time hearing it, it overtakes my body each time my ears find its familiar rhythm. I LOVE THIS❤️

Hace 15 horas
Ozymandias ➊ +169
Ozymandias ➊

A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die.

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TheCranberriesTV +54

Help us get Zombie to a billion views!

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Bryan Cotter +5
Bryan Cotter

This song will never die ever for ever till the end of time

Hace 17 horas
Ronney Rendon +586
Ronney Rendon

Saw an interview with Dolores Oriordan who stated: these were not paid actors, these are real children playing on the streets of Ireland and real military walking around with guns. That's fucking genius. So sad that she passed away but wow, just can't believe how she was able to capture the horrors of war in such a banger song.

Mikołaj Bieliński +42
Mikołaj Bieliński


Hace 22 horas
victorfalido +61

This band came into my life when I was still a kid. In love with the nostalgia that this amazing band gives me. A taste of what the 80s and 90s were like. I have no words to describe how much I love this band and how much I miss Dolores. May she rest in peace, left us an incredible voice to hear.

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Ronald Santos +73
Ronald Santos

Eterna Dolores. Esse hit atemporal não poderia faltar na playlist dos 1BI+

Hace 21 un día
RedFalcon +2

To this day, it still gives me chills.