Nissan Frontier PRO-4X vs Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro - Mud, Rocks & Water Find the Best Off-Road Truck!

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    We pit the brand new 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X against one of the best off-roaders in the segment, the 2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. The Tacoma has been one of the best for years, while Nissan has finally stepped up its game with a fresh interior and a new powertrain. But does it make the Frontier better off-road? Lets find out.
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Truck King +10
Truck King

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Colin Graham +502
Colin Graham

I like that you guys actually drive these trucks like most people would. Some reviewers just crawl around, sweating the littlest scrapes. You guys bomb through the mud laughing off the hits.

George R +55
George R

What would be really cool is to see the same test with the "TRD 4x4 off-road" because both of the 🚛's would have the same (similar) Bilstein suspension & see if the Toyota bounces around like that Nissan & see if it's the shocks themselves or the actual way that it's tuned from factory 🤷🏻

shredfest30 +21

I own the same Tacoma but a 2020, and it really is a fantastic off road truck. When it comes to anything else though, most other competitors will have it beat. With a tune upgrade, the Toyota becomes much better and more lively to drive on the daily. The Pro Fox suspension really is great, but half the reason they work so well is the designed frame flex that most other manufactures don't have, they use a box frame which is much more rigid off road.

William Sevier +3
William Sevier

Another great actual review. You guys drive like most people would be out in the back woods, unlike many other reviewers who stop at the slightest bit of mud, you guys hammer through it like any normal person would. That's what people need to see, what does the vehicle really do when you drive it like you really would be in the real world.

Sean Robert .H +16
Sean Robert .H

You guys know how to really properly test these trucks. Keep up the great work.

Humble Beginnings +126
Humble Beginnings

I’ve got a 2012 pro 4x and love it. Running some Toyo AT. Never a second thought when entering what others won’t attempt. Also should mention 125k miles and nothing but oil changes and battery. Solid truck.

Jesse Riley +656
Jesse Riley

First thing you would have to do after buying either one of one of those trucks is definitely replace those street tires for sure

PS Melia +91
PS Melia

This is the video I was looking for! Good job, Truck King. Yes the Taco performs better at higher speed, but the Nissan wasn't left behind. For well over $7k in savings when you factor in tax and financing, I'll stick with the Nissan. And if those seats are as good as the "zero gravity" seats I had in my 2015 Pathfinder, the Nissan will be way more comfortable all day long.

Todd Robinson
Todd Robinson

Great comparison! I would lean towards the tried and true Taco vs the first year of the Frontier redesign. Tough choice on more power or more ground clearance. Either can be fixed with aftermarket products. It would boil down to purchase price and long term cost of ownership for me. I know that the Taco is “auto shop 101” that most advanced DIY’rs can handle with “regular” tools. How about the Nissan? Can I read/reset trouble codes myself thru the OBD port?

Hace 7 horas
LSanti +4

Another reason why you guys have an amazing channel. Been waiting for this since the Frontier was introduced.

Tom H +155
Tom H

Great video. I just bought a '22 Frontier SV 4x4 and I'm super stoked. The dealer even threw in the bed tent for camping since it was a display truck, definitely going to be taking it into the wilderness :)

Sean Gilliam +159
Sean Gilliam

Im a Tacoma owner. I am glad to see Nissan putting out the mid-sized truck again. It doesn't look that bad either. More competition is better for the consumer.

Tammie Andrzejczuk +102
Tammie Andrzejczuk

I bet the trd off-road would have felt about the same as pro-4x, because those two compete, trd pro is a class above pro-4x. Anyways, pretty cool video guys


Thanks for another great vid. I think I would still take the Nissan just for the updated interior. Would love to see a run off between the taco and either the Ranger tremor or ZR2.

Ryan M +4
Ryan M

Frontier is what I'd go for, It's a great platform to build to my liking. Plenty of clearance for 285s and no need to re-gear. Can't say the same for the Tacoma.

2wheeled76 +4

Thanks for the vid! It’d be great if you both took turns in both vehicles to get driving and passenger feedback from both testers.

Enzo JH +5
Enzo JH

Love the Frontier! Finally something different than Taco on the road. Good review!

Dante +1

Great video guys! I have a 2021 Nissan Frontier and I like how honest you guys are and FAIR. So many reviews are bias toward Tacos and it’s just annoying. I like you guys so much so, I’m going to like, subscribe, and buy some merchandise!

Get Busy Livin +44
Get Busy Livin

The video the people have been asking for! Best review channel on youtube. Just wish y'all could so some different trails time to time!


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