I didn't believe it myself! I welded a barrel of pipes and it all worked!

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    To heat my workshop in winter, I made a wood-burning stove. It was burning for a long time, and even a day later there were still hot coals in it.

    Thermal imager ali.pub/5aj1fe

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Gary Knackstedt +349
Gary Knackstedt

You will drastically improve the heater’s performance if you run a pipe from the outside to the air intake. Right now, cold air is being pulled inside your building to make up for the combustion air and whatever air is going up the chimney. Pull the combustion air into the heater from outside so the cold air doesn’t mix with the air in the room.

Ricardo Lubes +2
Ricardo Lubes

Parabéns, ficou muito bom

Andrzej Poreda +1
Andrzej Poreda

Świeta jest zrobiona ta robota pozdrawiam twócę tego filmiku 👍👍👍👍

Buckley Baker +2
Buckley Baker

Nice stove I have built several wood stoves this design seems like it may be very efficient

ThePeca1988 +11

We had the one with the compressed sawdust. Much simpler in construction. It worked like a charm in the workshop 👌

Michael Schauperl +50
Michael Schauperl

Thats a very cool built!

00UncommonSense00 +3

Hell yeas brother. That is one nice rig you made. Only cost a few cutting wheels, a few welding sticks and some scrap. Last forever. Liked and subbed.

Jessi Taylor
Jessi Taylor

Love it, want one! Who wouldn't want one. You're creative skills are off the charts. 👍🏻🇺🇲

Peter Lockhart +17
Peter Lockhart



You have a lot of great little "out of the box" solutions. Like making your own "wing nut"s and using a piece of paper to mark straight lines on a pipe. Very Nice 👍 You got a new sub.

cathode follower +23
cathode follower

I'm really impressed. This guy is tops. It's an amazing design and very creative. I highly recommend watching the entire video. Make sure you like and subscribe. This channel is a keeper. I'm.not sure why anyone would give thumbs down on this.

WichitaRick +1

Nice ,glad it worked out this well! have wanted to recreate similar version for yrs. Worked in a metal shop with a similar style,but the external pipes were capped BUT filled with sand from sand blasting and molding scrap,they held the heat for several days!and street bricks inside would also be cheap and hold heat! ,saw another post that said adding drive shafts internally , ours had those also and we often used them for legs and other heavy pcs like gates and benches!happy heating p.s. I used to burn old phone books in my cabin wood burner:) Peace Rick

El Guapo +66
El Guapo

When I read "barrel of pipes" I wondered what he meant, so I had to watch. The best thing for me is to watch someone build something he/she designed. Great job young man! And that stash of metal: man, that is expensive. Stay busy and do what you love.

Andre Pienaar +2
Andre Pienaar

Very nice design! What is the plate you attached to the lid for?

Rob Auerbach
Rob Auerbach

Reminds me of my solar hot water used for heating my home. I don't see way this could not be converted with a pump and then attaching radiators around the space. The man shown is very talented and watching this video could inspire people to learn to weld. A course in welding for men and women should be part of a well rounded education.

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James Payne +2
James Payne

I built a very controllable heater from 3/16 plate, 4 in exhaust, screw adjustable intake. Very good at long slow burns. Only real issue is the flue runs cool and creosote builds up in the pipe. I just happened to have a 4 in flue brush so I can go up about twice each season and brush out the buildup. I was thinking about a bread baking oven using a similar pipe design to yours where the pipes would be inside the drum running from the lower fire box up to a smoke chamber and out the flue. The pipes would carry the exhaust through the baking chamber to heat the oven from almost 360 degrees around to eliminate hot spots. Like your innovative designs.

Hace un día
Richard Mourdock +8
Richard Mourdock

Very creative. I had an acquaintance who attempted to do something similar. He was using a barrel given to him by a guy from the local gas strip airport. He started cutting on it before venting it or cleaning it out,... not knowing it had previously held aviation gas. He was 41.

Phillip May +9
Phillip May

I’ve wondered about builds like this except sourcing the air from outside so that you don’t create a draft.

Arnold Bravo +26
Arnold Bravo

What a great job, not everyone does something like that

John Burrows +2
John Burrows

My dad did this exact build in 1966. Only he had a blower system on it. Heated the entire house. He died in 1989 and used it every winter


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