FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr.

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    Highlights of Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr. from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

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DAZN Boxing +22
DAZN Boxing

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Hace 14 días
RaffyTaphyASMR +3

Lopez fought with too much ego! Great on Kambosos on sticking with the gameplan and fighting with discipline and heart!

james wood +584
james wood

How could you skip that 11th round - really showed what George was made of after the knockdown in 10! Epic fight and thanks for the highlight clip tho!

flxsemi ; +64
flxsemi ;

Replaying that first round knockdown still gives me goosebumps

Hace un día
RD Edera +279
RD Edera

The 250 sparring rounds with Manny really shaped George a lot . Looking at his footwork and his angles it's seems Pacquiao-esque .

Hace 21 un día
Stephen Ciccone +10
Stephen Ciccone

Love everything about Kambosos. A true warrior. Teo almost got him out of their in the 10th. What a great night of boxing

Hace 14 horas
SpicyHotPockets +45

Fast reflexes, mad flickers, and great counter. The hitman stance definitely fits like a glove. Wanna watch more of his fights.

Hace 21 un día
Chris Venegas +7
Chris Venegas

Great Fight! Never Watched Kambosos fight before, made me a new fan!

Strazer +80

Watched it again and again ! Can’t get enough 😀

Joseph Obenauer +113
Joseph Obenauer

Kambosos is the real deal, @ 28 years, he's entering his prime. Got ready to be Champion by sparring 250 rounds with Manny Pacquio, who essentially took George under his wing, imagine with Manny, eating meals with Manny, getting a close look at how a Champion conducts himself, this is one of the best stories ever. Teofimo is a talented fighter who will make his mark, probably as a welterweight, however he must do two things: 1. fire your Dad. 2. develop thicker skin and focus on the fighter in front of you, Champions do not get distracted. Winning is at least 50% mental.

jerry walker +73
jerry walker

This was a crazy fight , that's why you never underestimate your opponent.

Erl vladimirl Cabardo +80
Erl vladimirl Cabardo

I've watched this fight highlight like 5 times already 😆😆 It's such a great fight! It is the Fight of the year for me 😁😁

jonpeley +31

Teofimo incredible talent, Kambosos a true warrior. Well deserved win for the aussie greek boxer.

Hace 21 un día
DJ Harris +2
DJ Harris

Let’s be honest Teo and especially his dad needed a big ol piece of humble pie

Antonio Serpa +79
Antonio Serpa

Teo finally meets someone who ain’t scared of his “power”

Hace 28 días
Steve McKoy +22
Steve McKoy

I watch this almost every day! Very inspiring.Cocky Teo needed schooling. George JR is my new hero! I love his style. He's fast, as teo found out.

Hace un día
Edgar Hernandez +40
Edgar Hernandez

Jesus... This was a pretty great fight for both fighters... That tenth round was iconic


This was a crazy Fight, That's why you never underestimate your opponent.

Ezra Blake +17
Ezra Blake

What a brilliant fight. I was on the edge of my seat

TimeBucks +1

Great performance by George


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