Race Highlights | 2022 Spanish Grand Prix

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    The title race takes a new twist after a dramatic race in Barcelona!
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My favorite battle of the day was the battle between Max and Max pressing the DRS button.

Touch. Me. I Will Turn You +2
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

Perez is an absolute gentleman. No rage, no anger, just "this is how I feel, but you're the boss."

Bee Tea +1
Bee Tea

Feel so bad for Leclerc. He dominated the race and dnf is the last thing he needed considering the next stop is Monaco. 💀

James Sprenkeler +342
James Sprenkeler

Congrats to Red Bull on a great finish. As usual, Sergio Perez shows quality in his driving skill and his master class in team spirit. No tantrums, and gets on with his race. Hats off to you Sergio. Looking forward to seeing more of you on the podium in 2022.

soren4k +646

This is definitely George's best race of his career, by far

dstavs +296

Really enjoying seeing Bottas perform so well with Alfa. Finally being given a chance to perform at his best without certain “expectations”. Perhaps he and Perez should have a chat.

Adrian Pavic +4
Adrian Pavic

"That's very unfair but OK"

Giri Dharan +478
Giri Dharan

Race highlight:

Monsieur Kesselring +473
Monsieur Kesselring

hamilton incredible…was like 50sec behind russell and somehow gained over 30sec through traffic with same pitstop

Addster +553

Hamilton to be a minute behind russel and pull it back to 11 seconds while having to get through the field is just on a different planet.

Weaknee Rose +103
Weaknee Rose

Perez is the rare case that him being #2 letting Max pass but situation make him look like true boss every time he do it.

Danny C +275
Danny C

Felt gutted for Perez, was rooting for him🇲🇽

Xavier +1

I love to see Mercedes coming back into the title fight, a three-way fight would be great. Absolutely gutted for Perez and Leclerc tho

Viyom Varma +96
Viyom Varma

Lewis just went from the back of the grid to p5, insane! Could've been p4 too.

Touch. Me. I Will Turn You +75
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You

"That's not fair, but okay" 5 words that explain the kind of person Checo is perfectly.

• T R B M • +217
• T R B M •

It was an unlucky day for Charles but the driver of the day is Lewis Hamilton he came back from 19 th to finish in p5 and also checo who defended hard for Max. Don't know what happened to George that time otherwise it's very hard to overtake George and also George is also the one who defends hard like Checo. we already saw that between him and Max.

Wheezium +15

I'm loving this new era of F1: the engines sound better, the cars look amazing, the racing is tight, and the competition is decent.

Sabal Pokharel +4
Sabal Pokharel

Checo should be given contract extension just for the spirit he shows as a teammate for the team.

Husen Ali +11
Husen Ali

oh feels great that Sir Lewis came back to the fight on the front. More of the best is yet to come out from Sir Lewis Hamilton. What a comeback drive!!

Sabz Letebz +21
Sabz Letebz

so happy for George. he's performing really well this year.