How to make an Ultra-realistic wave out of resin / Elegoo Mars 2Pro 3D Printer

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    Elegoo Mars 2Pro 3D Printer
    Coupon code: M2P923
    Discount: $20 OFF (Only have 100 pcs)

    We used an epoxy from Artline 馃憠 (5% discount for the minibricks promo code)

    The process of creating this ultra-realistic wave out of epoxy resin.

Minibricks +92

Elegoo Mars 2Pro 3D Printer

Jota Pe +18
Jota Pe

Que profissionalismo, parab茅ns.


Meu Deus que trabalho lindo, perfeito

Cosmic Puma +63
Cosmic Puma

When it started, I was like, "ok, this looks cool ..." ...but as I watched , it became clear that the process and skill are not only stunningly beautiful to watch but like the finished piece of art, truly awesome!

Odair Soares +3
Odair Soares

Muito bom!!!! Valeu a pena a demora!!!

l茅odelocO +9

Caraca!! Muito bom!! Incr铆vel!!

MinaTori +290


101ckes +36

This person's skill just blows my mind. I have watched many of Minibricks videos and have a massive respect for them. I am a mere novice who aims one day to be just half as good as this person. Could anyone please enlighten me as to what material the wave is made of. The blocks that are used to make the wave at time stamp 0.08.

Thiannees +2

Amo tus esculturas... La forma en que lo pintas es incre铆ble.

Smithens +212

I have an idea for a sculpture!!! You should make the inside of a water silo. like a super tall one with a monster at the bottom! one of my biggest fears is swimming in a silo when the bottom is pitch black. i feel like that would make a really cool phobia episode!

Mike Martin +24
Mike Martin

So impressive and so detailed! For the record I have viewed this video after the Ophelia video(which was so lovely). I am once again so very impressed with your techniques and talent. I meant to compliment you on your skills with painting eyes and realistic flesh.

饾惢饾憥饾憲饾憻饾憥鈩 饾惔饾憼鈩庰潙燄潙庰潙 +12
饾惢饾憥饾憲饾憻饾憥鈩 饾惔饾憼鈩庰潙燄潙庰潙

its so amazing that the final product turned out to be so realistic!

Melisa Magal铆 +7
Melisa Magal铆

Amazing!! I would've really appreciated if the real sound was on instead of the music. You did such a great job!

cathy sweet +4
cathy sweet

Thank you so much for your videos. They are so interesting and relaxing to watch. Your work is tremendous.

Blake Miller +38
Blake Miller

Wow, this is an amazing piece. Love it!

Leandro De Paula +2
Leandro De Paula

Nossa que lindo que ficou..... parab茅ns.... queria uma pe莽a dessa pra mim kkk

Sandra Balera +2
Sandra Balera

Maravilhoso !!!

Vanessa Cyrino +4
Vanessa Cyrino


Sandra Alves +1
Sandra Alves


victor martin flores +3
victor martin flores

Muy buen trabajo, sobretodo el detalle


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